5 Underrated Tips for Brands to Boost Holiday Sales

Don't let holiday shoppers scare you. Instead, follow these five strategies for optimal online holiday sales.

Gabriella Tegen

The 2022 Holiday Season Will Bring A Shift In Consumer Behavior. Here are 3 Ways You Can Prepare

This year's holiday season will set new records for retailers and consumers. These strategies can help brands navigate the shifting tide of retail as they weather economic uncertainty.

Jacob Loveless

REI Is Forgoing This Retail Tradition Permanently: What Does it Mean for Shoppers and Employees?

The retailer is saying "so long" to Black Friday as part of its "Opt Outside" movement.

Sam Silverman

How Emotions Drive Our Shopping Behavior

Why do some people spend money easily even when they shouldn't, while others find it difficult to splurge even when they can afford it? It is essential to understand how a person feels during the whole process of shopping, browsing, choosing, and paying.

Dr. Scott Rick

Predictions for the Future of the Retail Industry

The industry is evolving with exponential increases in ecommerce and trends toward omnichannel shopping experiences.

Izzy Rosenzweig

5 Reasons to Be Bullish on Brick and Mortar in 2022

The year 2020 was supposed to be brick and mortar's death knell but turned out to be a catalyst for its evolution and strength.

Bobby Marhamat

Americans Plan to Spend More This Year's Holiday Season Despite Rising Prices and Product Shortages: Survey

Based on data from the quarterly CNBC All-America Economic Survey, people are willing to spend $1,004 on average for buying gifts, an increase of about 13 percent from 2020 and the highest in three years.

How Can I Sell Directly From a Live Stream? Facebook Live Shopping Makes It Easy.

Build brand awareness and increase sales via the popular social media channel.

Stephanie Liu

How to Have a High-Tech Hanukkah

It's the festival of lights, so you should celebrate it with a little 'chai' tech.

Chandra Steele

How Social Commerce Is Taking E-commerce To Bharat

Social commerce is also growing through the most traditional form of advertising-word of mouth and this is primarily enabled by the growing social media interactions

Abhinav Jain

Role Of E-Commerce In Driving Technology Adoption For Indian Warehousing Sector, Post COVID

With a focus on meeting consumer expectations for speedy delivery, customization, product availability and easy returns while handling complex globalization of supply chains, warehousing trends have witnessed major shifts

Aditya Vazirani