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Social Media

3 Solid Business Reasons to Avoid Marketing on Twitter

When you choose a social media platform, you need to focus on where your customers are.

Business Ideas

6 Essential Digital Marketing Trends for Small Businesses

Innovative methods to gain a competitive edge and help propel your business forward.

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Zoe Saldana's Advice for Reaching Small Business Goals in the Social Media Age: 'It's Not About the Smallness of It. It's Just About the Efficiency.'

As the host of Facebook's Good Ideas Festival, the actor and business owner offers insights from the event and her own experience.


Seize These Big Opportunities for Smaller Brands to Make More Money

Smaller businesses/brands now have access to many of the best marketing communications minds to help them build and grow their brand.

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7 Ways to Boost Your Small-Business Marketing

These marketing strategies can help small businesses gain new customers and increase repeat business.


6 Ways to Think Outside the Box When Marketing Your Small Business

Having trouble marketing your small business? These six outside the box ideas will help.

Social Media

3 Strategies to Nail Before You Launch Your Social-Media Campaign

Planning and metrics are key to any successful marketing effort, yet many entrepreneurs rush into the social conversation with little idea of what they hope to accomplish.


The ABCs of Writing Great Marketing Copy

3 Simple Tricks to Creating Good Copy Any Time You Need It

Starting a Business

When Is The Right Time To Start Talking About Your Business Idea?

An idea, however revolutionary it might seem, if not worked upon, has the chances to remain as an idea.

Growing a Business

3 Clever Ways to Get More Customers in the Next 3 Weeks

The main thing you need to know about marketing is that 100 percent of the people who don't know you're in business won't buy from you.


How Getting Published Will Change Your Business

Writing a book is the best way to put your expertise on display.

Business News

Top Marketing Trends for Small Businesses

These 5 trends can help keep your marketing relevant


Struggling to Market Your Small Business? Do What Hollywood Does.

Big corporate entities are spending tons of marketing dollars to get what you already possess: a story.


8 Common Ways Small Businesses Waste Money Marketing

Nobody sets out to waste the marketing budget but that's the result of unknowingly using ineffective tactics.


10 Ways to Prepare for Small Business Saturday

The time is now to beef up your presence online and otherwise for this popular annual retail event for the little guys.