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Growing a Business

6 Ways Small Towns Can Create More Economic Growth

Ideas for creating growth locally and for bringing growth from outside your locale.

Starting a Business

5 Steps You Can Take to Start a Small Town Business

It can be hard to figure out where to start with a small-town business idea.

Starting a Business

Say Hello to the Next Business Hub: Small Towns

Five natural resources will allow small towns to become great business hubs.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

4 Reasons Small Cities Are Better for Business

The short commutes in a community grateful that you started a business are just the beginning of the benefits.

Growth Strategies

Inspiring Stories Of 4 Small Town Entrepreneurs

Everything is possible; if you have the will to accomplish it!


"Investors Are A Lot More Cautious Now"

Industrialist Sanjeev Bikhchandani talks about venture capital, startups and government policies.


How Small Town Entrepreneurs Made It To The Top

Peeping in the lives of small town entrepreneurs.

Thought Leaders

The Surprising Places These Boutique Hoteliers Found Opportunity

Boutique hoteliers check into America's smaller cities.


How This Mohali-Based Startup Helps You Track Diabetes Using Your Mobile

Investors typically expect startups to operate out of a metro in close proximity so that it can be scaled up easily


How Can Entrepreneurs Based In Tier-2 Indian Cities Be More Visible To Investors

The core team should also make it a point to attend relevant start up events happening in India

News and Trends

4 Reasons Why Fashion In India Will Be Driven By Tier-2 Cities

Smartphone penetration creates a fashion democracy in the country

Starting a Business

The Difficulty Of Being A Small Town Startup

People not understanding the concept of startups and other challenges a startup faces in a small town.