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By Jyoti Valecha

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All the professionals or enterprises those have set their niche in their particular domain are always determined to increase their corporate growth. No wonder they are not able to cope up to the expected limit of the competition. In short, these enterprises or business professionals can attain the desired position in the market. However, the dire need of an hour is to get acquainted with the popular Big Bosses of the market to assess their USPs. It is possible to outshine those successful entrepreneurs and enterprises only after analyzing their winning strategies to conquer the market. Therefore, it is essential to know about the competition in the business world before actually attempting to outshine them.

Every successful entrepreneur has some or the other lesson to teach to the aspiring entrepreneurs. Be it special business model or profitable way of leading in the market, the whole idea is to set new trends and styles within entrepreneurial world. But, in order to do so, it is beneficial to get an overview of their starting Let us now focus on the big bosses in the business world at present and what are their unique work mechanisms:

Rashmi Bansal, Award Winning Writer

Rashmi has been a very prolific writer ever since her college days. She has turned her intelligence and witty work into her business by being a writer. She was also awarded with the national award: National Talent Search Scholarship. Her notable contribution of writing over 100 for newspapers and magazines had boosted her morale and started career as a writer. Rashmi is among the successful entrepreneurs who have been an example for all the aspiring writers yearning to be like her.

Rashmi's Winning Techniques

  • Monetizing writing and ruling the market: Since, writing has been the strength of Rashmi, She has become a writer. She has monetized her writing skills and is now a renowned writer acclaimed for her commendable writing style.
  • Serving as a brand manager: After her successful completion of MBA, Rashmi joined Bennett Coleman & Co. as a brand manager. She had a strong aura about her performance in terms of writing and management abilities.
  • At 24, she owned youth magazine: At a very young age, she has been the owner of one of the biggest selling magazines of India.
  • Break the norm of only high class entities win: Rashmi believed in the fact that all the high-spirited entrepreneurs can flourish other than Tatas and Birlas. She emphasized on connecting with the actual scenario faced by the masses.

Rohith Bhat, Founder of Robosoft

Rohith Bhat is a famous entrepreneur who hails from South India. He has successfully managed to make the presence of his business venture, Robosoft Technologies. The organization was launched in 1996 and ever since its establishment, it has got a very good response. The profits of Robosoft Technologies are ever increasing from time to time due to the hard-work of the company as well as the staff members. Bhat's main aim was to develop software products for Mac. He expanded his success on the basis of the demand of the customers at present.

Rohit's Winning Techniques

  • Expansion of business continuously: He believed that growth of Robosoft technologies will be attained by constant expansion of business. He started with small business but gradually diversified it.
  • Apt platform for Mobile and software development: Rohith's focus was always clear ever since the inception of his business practices. He had been consistently trying to attain brilliance in coming up with mobile and software development solutions.
  • Source of inspiration for all entrepreneurs: He has proved through his business endeavors that no matter who you are, you can establish your business without a glitch. He inspires others to set their foot strongly in the business world.
  • He chose to seek inspiration from others and soon turned like them: Rohith says: "Apple had built Indian language support for their Mac operating system. Some of the software we had worked on went into that." He worked with big companies with international recognition and soon became famous like them.

Dilafrose Qazi

Dilafrose was born and brought up in Kashmir. She has been a competent woman entrepreneur who inspires almost all the women who idolize her. Dilafrose started part time courses for women and later on she set up SSM Engineering College. She also established college in Haryana for Kashmiris. She has been a constant source of motivation for women entrepreneurs.

Dilafrose's Winning Techniques

  • Source of livelihood: Her main motto was to offer livelihood to women. Along with the livelihood, Dilafrose even wanted to set benchmark in the stream of girls' education.
  • Remain strong despite of hardships: Despite several challenges in life, one has to be strong enough to chase the aimed goals. Dilafrose also lived up to this guideline and she stayed strong enough to pursue her goal.
  • Efforts to keep hurdles away from the path of people: Since, Dilafrose lived in Kashmir, where, lack of security has been a major hindrance in the path of success. So, she ensured that she should try her best to keep these hurdles away from the life of people in her society.

To sum it up, all these Big Bosses are not just the entrepreneur but have even stayed ahead in the market. They have even proved their prominence in the business world.

Jyoti Valecha

Feature Writer

Jyoti has a rich flair of writing. She writes on all genres irrespective of their varied types. She offers  the most authentic and realistic content pieces. She has been writing from over past 5 years and keeps readers engaged. 

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