Growing a Business

How Small And Medium Businesses Can Save Money and Increase Productivity With The Cloud

By investing in the cloud, small to medium sized businesses can achieve the same kinds of success that enterprise-level organizations do — without an enterprise-level budget.


How Small Businesses Can Make the Most of Email Marketing

Often, small businesses create email marketing campaigns with (at best) poorly defined goals. Use these tips to form clear goals and find the right tools to achieve them.

News and Trends

Indian SMBs Optimistic About Future Cloud Adoption: Microsoft Study

India leads in spending on technology with approximately 35 per cent of SMBs spending over 10 per cent of their revenue on technology, in comparison to global counterparts


The Top 5 Online Marketing Challenges — and How to Overcome Them

Turn the struggles into opportunities for maximum growth.

Science & Technology

3 Cybersecurity Measures to Ensure Safety in 2021

SMBs are under attack, and these tips can keep the hackers at bay.


When Is a Good Time For SMBs To Move Their IT Infrastructure To the Cloud?

While this can be quite a task for every organization, SMBs particularly find it challenging to arrive at these decisions

Growing a Business

During Uncertain Times, SMBs Can Rely On What They're Best At: Talking to Their Customers

Online messaging and conversation can enable small businesses to effectively build relationships with their customers

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Facebook Rolls Out 'SMB Guide' For Small Businesses To Move Online

Facebook is proactively reaching out to help 9 million small businesses across the country

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Singapore: Amazon's Prime Day Helped SMBs' To Grow Their Sales

Around 12,000 SMBs in Singapore for the first time participated in this Prime Day event

News and Trends

Facebook Joins Hands With Matrix Partners To Helps Early-Stage SMBs Scale

With this collaboration, Facebook's VC Brand Incubator Program has completed one year during which it has tied-up with six VC funds and scaled 150 small businesses

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Tips For Small Businesses To Protect Themselves During COVID-19

This is the perfect time to go online and start investing in brand-building, good content, SEO and more.

Growth Strategies

How Should SMBs be Unlocking the Post-Lockdown Phase

Given recovery runways will differ for every business, use the lockdown period to work out a customized survival strategy

Growth Strategies

Bringing Apps and Start-ups Together

Cost is a prohibitive factor for every SMB and they need service providers who can help them deploy applications quickly and cost-effectively

Growth Strategies

Here's How SMBs Can Grow Their Businesses, Say Experts

SMBs need to embrace technology, data and focus on changing consumer trends to stay ahead in the game


Cashflow a Major Barrier for Small to Medium Businesses Looking to go Global

But, with the rapid development and adoption of new technologies, all types of small-to-medium businesses now have the tools to connect with previously unreachable audiences