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Has the Government Finally Woken Up to Support Homegrown E-tailers?

Though the tweak or clarification in the policy will reportedly hurt Amazon and Walmart-owned Flipkart the most, domestic e-commerce players have welcomed this move as the level playing field


How Indonesian SMBs are Using WhatsApp to Increase Sales and Build Brand

When used effectively, the instant messaging service can be a lead generation as well as a client acquisition and retention tool


How Budding Entrepreneurs are Leading the Way in the Manufacturing Industry

Budding Indian manufacturer today are more innovative, confident and better able to think out-of-the-box than were many manufacturers in the past


How Cloud Telephony Will Benefit SMEs in 2019

Cloud telephony lets you scale your business according to market demand by allowing you to work remotely

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Exhibitions - The Important Economic Tool for SMEs

Exhibitions support SMEs through the inclusion of features such special pavilions for SMEs, along with the presence of venture capital firms to provide seed investments for captivating ideas; job fairs and insightful seminars by industry thought leaders


SMEs: Small in Business, But Get Big on Cybersecurity

While many SMEs, the newer ones especially, have started undertaking regular digital risk assessments, many of the more established SMEs have to do some catching up

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The Growing Role of Blockchain Technology In Southeast Asia

The objective of investors is to not only expand to new markets but also implement their developments comprising blockchain technology


Why GST Data Stack is a One Stop Solution to SME's Credit Problem

Struggling to get loans in order to expand your company's wings and charter into newer territories? Maybe, your sales invoice is the solution.

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Is Liquidity Crisis Hampering Digital Lending Industry's Prospective Growth?

According to the Bloomberg Data, earlier this year in August, liquidity in the banking sector was INR 20,200 crore, which by the end the October, tumbled down to 1.16 trillion.

Starting a Business

6 Reasons Why Singapore is Asia's Most Business Friendly Country

Government grants such as SPRING Singapore, Capability Development Grant, Early Stage Venture Funding, Financial Sector Technology and Innovative Scheme among the many others are targeted towards the start-ups and SMEs

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Here is Why Flipkart is Keen to Enter the Financial Services Sector

Consumer lending space is a USD 1.2 trillion opportunity in India


Fintech Disruptions Redefining Growth for the SMB Sector

The Indian FinTech market is expected to double from $1.2 billion now to $2.4 billion by 2020


Why Cash Flow Based Lending Makes Sense for Banks and SMEs?

For SMEs in India, cash flow based lending makes better sense can be based on the expected income from the business