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Five Lessons From the 2008 Global Economic Crisis That SMEs Should Remember Before Entering 2023

The effects of the 2008 recession were felt for years after, and while governments and financial institutions rolled out various measures to enable economic recovery in 2009, many of the lessons from that time are particularly relevant to us today.

Growth Strategies

Think Ahead: Why SMEs Need To Start Future-Proofing Their Finances

We may have learnt the hard lessons, and that too in a short period of time, but the question remains: how do we prevent history from repeating itself?

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Government To Extend Deadline For Cybersecurity Norms

This will apply to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

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Small Businesses To Consider Dual Listing To Expand Capital Raising Options, Says Piyush Goyal

The commerce and industry minister also said that there is a need to tap into more sources of capital as that can give a fillip to the small business sector

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IAN Invests INR 4.5 Crore In Fintech NBFC Indium Finance

The fintech platform plans to utilize the fund for accelerating the acquisition of new customers, building the product platform to provide customized solutions, ad expanding the sales ad technology teams

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CAIT Urges Government For One Year Lean Period To Comply With Single-Use Plastic Ban

The confederation asks government not to take coercive action against any trader or unit for at least the first year of the ban

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GetVantage Raises $36 Million

The fund will be used for enhancing technology infrastructure, scale the product suite, expand the company portfolio and explore new market opportunities across Southeast Asia

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Credit Access to SMEs: Utilizing AI to Enhance Credit Lending for Banks

Several fintechs have been successful in providing an automated application and decision-making process for smaller and more commoditized loans

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Annapurna Finance Raises $15 Million In Series A2 Funding

The funds will be used to grow the loan book, invest in technology, expand geographically and further the vision of enabling financial inclusion at scale

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Capital C Corporation Secures Singapore $74 Million

The funds will be utilized towards expanding Capital C's core team and tech capabilities to empower underserved individuals and companies in Singapore, and also to expand its ecosystem of financial services

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How Karbon Card Is Making Credit System Inclusive

We figured that it was challenging for the early-stage startups to avail corporate cards from banks, says Amit Jangir, co-founder, Karbon Card


How This Database Platform Is Helping Companies Get Smarter

MongoDB simplifies building data for any application, allowing the organization to accelerate its speed of innovation and avoid the costs of a complex data infrastructure

Growth Strategies

Here's What Startups And SMEs Can Gain By Implementing A Spend Management System

With SMEs losing valuable time and money managing their expense claims, spend management solutions like UAE-based Qashio allow businesses to record and report their expenses in real time and instantly issue corporate cards linked to the solution.


Oiling The Working Capital Engine for SME Growth

Looking at adding new products and staying India focused

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Myraah Raises $350,000 In Pre-Seed Funding

Funds will be utilized to help Myraah build a Web3.0 platform that allows anyone to create their Web3 digital identity and manage their digital assets such as files, pictures, music, videos, notes, documents, NFTs, domains and websites