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Transforming the Employment Landscape for The Labour Force

LabourNet has approximately 600 employees and 1000 associates working for it which Gayathri expects to cross 10 million people by 2022.


In Social Enterprises the Challenge Lies in Indentifying Unique Opportunities

The challenge for social enterprises lie in recognizing unique opportunities and innovating around the business models


Rich Dad, Philanthropic Daughters

Daughters of rich businessmen who went philanthropic!

Growth Strategies

What To Expect When You Turn Social Entrepreneur

It is all about sustaining, scaling, making a profit, and becoming an enterprise worth talking about.

Growth Strategies

Opportunities for Social Entrepreneurs In India

Renewable energy is not the only option for entrepreneurs who are planning to tap social sector of India.


Go CSR Way to Foster Entrepreneurship

It is important to understand how companies can join the effort to promote entrepreneurship effectively.

Growth Strategies

The Celebrity Influence on Social Enterprise

Famous personalities are crossing over to the world of social entrepreneurship, bringing exposure to ventures as well as starting their own.

Growth Strategies

How To Raise Funds Efficiently For A Social Enterprise

Rather than waste time chasing the money, here are four ways for social entrepreneurs to raise funding efficiently.

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This Washington, D.C. Launchpad Helps Social Enterprises Help Others

The Halcyon Incubator offers a stipend, mentorship, PR help and more.

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4 Strategies for Making Your Social Enterprise Stand Out From the Crowd

An increasing number of companies are carving out a place in the market by appealing to the desire of customers to do good. Don't underestimate how competitive it can be.

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Social Enterprises Can Raise Serious Funding, If the Product Is Great

A headphones company with a cause shows that dedicating a portion of profits to charity is only part of the process.

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You Can Do Good by Doing Well, If You Pick the Right Social Enterprise Model

Since both consumers and energetic young employees prefer companies dedicated to social good, philanthropy is a viable business strategy.

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A 'Kool' Nerd's Lessons on Launching a Killer Social Enterprise

How do you build a business that both generates a profit and gives back to a worthy cause? An New York City entrepreneur shares his strategy.

Growing a Business

Corporate Social Responsibility Done Right: 5 Ways to Help Your Company Shine

Entrepreneurs can enlist employees, customers and other partners when it comes time to offer programs that give back to the community.