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Growing a Business

How This Idea Went From the Founder's Kitchen to a $20-Million Company

Glassbaby Founder Lee Rhodes speaks on the unique challenges facing female entrepreneur, and how she overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Money & Finance

How Social Entrepreneurs Can Land Funding

Learn more about the financing sources that are available to social entrepreneurs.


The 4 Types of People You'll Meet When Networking

Make networking opportunities more meaningful by connecting with contacts at their level.


This Astrophysicist Is Using Tech To Curb Crime Against Women

He has developed a smartphone app, which act as an alert system one can use when he/she is in danger

Thought Leaders

Why the Right Mentor Can Make All the Difference

Demali Elliott mentors young women in challenging situations through creative and introspective activities to redirect their stories onto a positive trajectory with her program Petals-N-Belles.

Thought Leaders

To Help Save the Planet, This Entrepreneur Builds Sustainable Farms in Urban Cities

This CEO and co-founder is focusing his efforts on sustainable farming -- one city at a time.


UK-Returned Couple On Mission To Empower Rural Women, Alleviate Poverty

Ramakrishna chalked out the strategy for his organisation and worked on partnerships to scale up activities on a long-term basis.


How These App Creators Are Putting the Power of Giving in Everyone's Hands

The creators of an app are on a mission to help brands advertise while enabling users to make donations to charity at the same time.


Girls Don't Have to be Little Miss Perfect Says This Woman Entrepreneur

The ability to delegate is key believes Bahl. "I would call it the delegative act."


Everyone Can Adopt This Founder's One-Step Productivity Advice

The CEO of Charity: Water says he would get nowhere without doing this one thing.


3 Internet Entrepreneurs Finding Ways to Give Back

Let their examples inspire you.


Care About CSR in Education? 3 Industry Players Suggest Ways

There is clearly no denial in fact that the sector in itself has become a lucrative one.


Oola Sports Wants To Help Women Enjoy The Great Outdoors- While Staying True To Their Personal Values

It's a common thing for entrepreneurs to start up a business to solve a problem that they personally face, and that seems to have been exactly the route Oola Sports co-founder and CEO Haya Al Ghanim took when starting up her venture.


This Social Entrepreneur is Transforming Rural Lives

He began his entrepreneurial journey tobringing prosperity to the lives of rural people through his financially viable business models.


Understanding Your Social Currency Is the Key to Success

Knowing your value to the world, then increasing it, is the foundation to thriving as an entrepreneur.