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How Email Marketing and Direct Messaging Can Go Hand in Hand To Increase Your Marketing Success

By blending the strengths of these two methods, businesses can create a comprehensive approach that caters to diverse audience preferences and maximizes engagement.


Your Customers Are More Interested in Your Purpose Than Ever — Here Are 3 Steps to Showcase It

In order to connect and leave an impression on consumers, leaders must prioritize social entrepreneurship along with profits.

Thought Leaders

The Power of Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship — How Social Entrepreneurs Are Changing the World

Social entrepreneurs are the torchbearers of hope and progress, redefining the role of business in society.

Starting a Business

This Flower Company Walked Away From a Major Revenue Driver for a Heartwarming Reason — Now It's Worth 8 Figures Anyway

Steven Dyme and Joseph Dickstein co-founded Flowers for Dreams in 2012 and have never wavered in their commitment to accessibility and giving back.


The/Nudge Prize | Ashirvad Water Challenge Harnesses the Power Of Social Entrepreneurship To Provide Clean Drinking Water For All

It was launched in February, 2022 in partnership with the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India


The Influence Of Olivetti: Detailing The Impact (And Inspiration) A Purpose-Led Business Can Realize

"Camillo Olivetti inspired me to see any business as a potential force for good, and its impact on my personal life drove me to launch C3, or Companies Creating Change- a platform helping emerging changemakers use the power of business to make a change in the world."

News and Trends

In Bangladesh, Food Safety Saved the Business Of This Entrepreneur

In Dhaka Bangladesh, a market intervention to keep safe and nutritious food accessible during the pandemic saved the business of this fish seller

Growth Strategies

Policies For Progress: Enabling The Dynamic Growth Of Social Entrepreneurs In The UAE

As a facilitator of innovation at the nexus of the public, private, and "third" sector-levels, Ma'an remains committed to investing in and enabling the next generation of innovators that will serve a socially aware, community-founded, and sustainable future for all.


The Critical Role Green Social Entrepreneurs Need To (And Should) Play At Upcoming COP Meetings

With the next two Conference of the Parties (COP) meetings scheduled for Egypt (2022) and the UAE (2023), the global climate spotlight is now firmly on the MENA region.

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What the Law of Gravity Can Teach Us About Capitalism and Social Enterprise

Like gravity, capitalism keeps things rooted -- motivating us to learn, create and constantly improve.

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How to Become a Successful Social Entrepreneur

It's not the same as being a great business person.

News and Trends

The Mohammed bin Rashid Initiative For Global Prosperity Announces Winners Of The US$1 Million Global Maker Challenge

The four winners, and eight runners-up of the competition, will be recipients of cash prizes, and will also receive access to mentors and global organizations worth up to US$1 million.

News and Trends

Startups Without Borders And Facebook Come Together To Help MENA-Based Migrant Entrepreneurs

Boost with Facebook to provide free virtual lessons to entrepreneurs who have migrated from their countries of origin and have set up a startup business or an initiative in the Middle East or Europe.


For The Greater Good: Basma Altwejri's New Book, "From Society, For Society," Looks Into Social Entrepreneurship Across The MENA Region

With the intention to give an unbiased, holistic view of how innovative yet socially responsible practices across different industries work, Altwejri's book tells the stories of people from across the social entrepreneurship spectrum.

Starting a Business

5 Takeaways From an Entrepreneur's Profit + Purpose Social Business Model

For once, profit is not the enemy, but rather a catalyst to drive social good