Growth Strategies

The Cycle Of Care In The Age Of Centenarians

We can expect to see changes throughout the care economy in the future, and we especially need to see those changes reflected in new approaches to early childhood, education, worklife, and retirement.

Growing a Business

6 Ways to Attract High Performers When Payroll is Tight

Think outside the box.


ERP Solutions: A Game-changer For Society Living

Is your society still using a dated ERP module?


Our Entrepreneurs Have Done Brilliantly Using the Current State of the Art, Science and Technology: Principal Scientific Advisor to the Govt of India

One of the most popular questions nowadays is where is India heading in science and technology? VijayRaghavan, Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India is an optimist and a strong advocate of India's progress in the field of science and technology


How To Give Back To Society Through Your Business

It helps and promotes your operations in a completely fresh way, and opens up marketing opportunities for you


A 3-Step Approach to Creating Smart Revolution Through Your Societal Entrepreneurial Models

How to create models for society which are sustainable?


3 Ways in Which You Could Give Back to Society As An Entrepreneur

Check out relatively easy ways in which you can make a difference to society

Women Entrepreneur™

Let's Stop Expecting Women to Be Superhumans

It is time to put an end to the idea of superhuman women because they don't exist

Women Entrepreneur™

Challenges Women Encounter in Their Entrepreneurial Journey

Even with a great idea and the drive to succeed, a woman would face obstacles that her average male counterpart would not face when doing business


Challenges a Woman Entrepreneur Faces and Ways to Overcome Them

A woman exhibiting her entrepreneurial proficiency is presumed as wanting to take over the commanding role of the husband


This Entrepreneur is Providing a Safety Kit to Women on the Roads

"The trigger to take up entrepreneurship came from the need to create a device that would help people come together and ensure a safe space"