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How To Give Back To Society Through Your Business It helps and promotes your operations in a completely fresh way, and opens up marketing opportunities for you

By Meera Gandhi

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As entrepreneurs and business people, we should ask ourselves, why do we exist, and what keeps us going. At times we forget that doing business should be a mutually beneficial thing. The provider should reap benefits in return for providing and the receiver should reap benefits from receiving.

So our product and our service should encompass the objective of providing ultimate satisfaction to our consumers, and the consumer in their totality make up the society. A business that gives back to society and cares about its growth and sustenance is seen as a business that inflicts equal or more care in the products or services they provide as a part of their operations.

As a progressive and socially-active community, the consumers do not support organisations that don't have an environmental or charitable aspect to them, as almost all organisations have discovered the importance of giving back to the sections of people that are in need of help.

There are various ways to delve into the possibilities of having a social angle or objective to your business. If you want to incorporate it into your very core objectives you can view this article.

If you want to take it up slowly as a complementary activity, there are many ways to do so as well:

Identify Causes that line up with your Company

It is important to support causes and movements that can correlate with your business for two reasons. One, if it is a cause that correlates with your business, it is a cause you can actually make a difference in. The people who you are helping should be able to connect with your business and operations. It helps and promotes your operations in a completely fresh way, and opens up marketing opportunities for you.

Secondly, this reason is a direct by-product of the first reason, it helps and promotes your operations in a completely fresh way, and opens up marketing opportunities for you.

Get in touch with Other NGOs and Organisations

If there is a cause you feel particularly moved by, you can research and find out impactful organisations or collectives that work towards the upliftment of those affected by it.

Collaborate for a regular partnership, wherein you contribute products to them or donate in some way for the people involved in the organisation.

Collaborating For Events

If you know of an NGO (or are partnering with one), you can approach them for a collaborative event wherein you can market your product, as well as raise awareness for the cause of the organisation.

Get Your Employees Involved

If you are aligning your business and organisational objectives toward the social sector, it would be wise to involve your employees in these activities as well. Instilling a social aspect helps to improve the culture in the workplace. It would also aid the motive of this move if all your employees believe and resonate with the cause that you want to support.

Employ People who are from NGOs and Organisations into your Company

What is the motive of raising awareness and charity? In the end, we aim to uplift those that are in need of help. By offering suitable candidates employment, we are directly offering them help, not just the possibility of it. People who need help or upliftment are in need of acceptance and empowerment. By providing them with employment we are accepting as well as empowering them.

It is a great initiative to want to expand your business towards giving back to the people who need help, so kudos on the decision! Map your way into becoming truly successful, and you can sit back and see your business reaping all the benefits.

Meera Gandhi

CEO and Founder, The Giving Back Foundation

Meera is a prominent global philanthropist, humanitarian, and the founder of The Giving Back Foundation
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