Soft Skills

Business Culture

Why Companies Are Prioritizing Employees Without College Degrees

Hiring individuals without a traditional college degree is becoming increasingly common in the professional world.


5 Soft Skills Every Employee Needs Today

With these five soft skills, employees have a better chance to get ahead in today's changing workplace.

Growing a Business

Why Prioritizing Soft Skills in Hiring is Crucial to The Modern Workplace

An organization of soft-skilled employees will run and communicate like a well-oiled machine. Managers can save themselves many future heartaches if they prioritize soft skills during the hiring process.


19 Best Skills To Put on a Resume That Employers Will Love

How do you make your resume stand out during job interviews? Check out the 19 best skills to include in your resume in this detailed breakdown.

Growing a Business

Attracting and Retaining Customers and Employees Comes Down to These Two Skills

It's less about what they get and more how they feel.

Resumes & Interviewing

Soft Skills to Put on Your Resume

Weaving these in-demand soft skills into your resume could be the thing that advances you to an interview.

Thought Leaders

How to Acquire Soft Skills and Measure Them Successfully

Use the innovative Meka's five-level evaluation model to measure soft skills training.

Growing a Business

The 3 Steps to Learning Any Power Skill

Learning soft skills like communication and empathy, then taking positive action, often ensures success.

Growing a Business

Can Soft Skills Be Learned? Only If You Truly Commit

Some people think that you're either good at them or you aren't.

Growth Strategies

In The Era Of "The Great Resignation," Entrepreneurs And Business Leaders Need To Add Soft Skills To Their Arsenal

Today, employees feel differently about their work, and managers need to respond to this shift. This new reality demands a new leadership style.

Growing a Business

4 Soft Skills to Help You Stand Out During Your Next Job Interview

Ace your next job interview with these essential intangibles.


The 'E Word': Why You're Afraid of It, and Why You Should Embrace It Instead

Leaders are scrambling to catch up on how to lead with empathy.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

The Critical and Influential Role of the Frontline Manager

Soft skills are the difference between being solely a manager and a true leader.


Soft Skills are Critical Skills

Technical skills alone are no longer enough to be a great leader.

Science & Technology

Why Soft Skills Are a Necessity in the Nearshore Industry

When it comes to software development, the last skills most developers focus on are the soft ones.