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4 Best AI Apps You Need for Better Work Productivity

AI apps may not be able to replace work, but they can certainly make it easier. It just requires some time to learn how to use them.

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Ask Yourself These 7 Questions Before Spending More Money on Software

Lost in the "Should I buy?" software maze? From adaptability to negative reviews to a vendor's vision, key areas to explore before committing to a purchase.

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This Free Tool 'Poisons' AI Models to Prevent Them From Stealing Your Work — But Some Say It's Akin to 'Illegal' Hacking

Nightshade v1.0 empowers artists to protect their works from unauthorized AI training.

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No, AI Isn't Coming for Software Developers' Jobs — Here's Why

Rather than stealing jobs, AI is making in-demand and over-taxed developers significantly more productive, leading to big gains for innovation.

Business Plans

What Technology Needs to Include In Your Business Plan

Listing tech infrastructure, software, and digital tools showcases your ability to streamline processes and enhance efficiency.


Save Your Business Money With This Microsoft Office Alternative, Only $44.99 for Life

Replace your expensive Microsoft subscription with these comparable apps.

Starting a Business

4 Changes New Companies Should Adopt in 2023 to Set Yourself Up for Success

These ideas will allow your emerging organization to stay nimble and take advantage of any new opportunities arriving on your doorstep.

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How GPTs Can Help Your Company Build Better Software

Here are four steps you can follow to build better software and generate the usage data you need using GPT-powered models.

Growing a Business

What You Need to Know Before Entering a Partnership With Software Solutions Providers

Not sure which partnership model to choose for boosting the development of your software project? Check out these 3 approaches and scenarios where they perform best.

Growing a Business

How to Harness Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning to Boost Your Business Productivity

Uncover the transformative power of cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for small businesses, exploring its benefits, integration strategies and how to choose the right provider for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

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Why Software Developers Are Flocking to Smaller Businesses Over Big Tech

Why there's been a growing trend of software developers joining smaller businesses and startups instead of big tech companies — and what SMBs can do to continue attracting and retaining top developer talent.

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Enjoy Enhanced Security With Microsoft Windows 11 Pro, Now Just $29.99

Take advantage of new features with Windows 11 Pro, now $170 off.

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Which Software Solution Is Best for Your Business? Here's How to Decide.

SaaS vs. custom software development: Which is the safest bet for you?


The Art of Delegation — How to Empower Your Remote Software Team for Greater Productivity

Delegating responsibilities and tasks is crucial for developers who want to become successful managers.

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Nexus Backed Pando Raises $30 Million In Series B Funding

The fresh funds will be used to drive Pando's growth across geographies and industries