Astronaut Wang Yaping Becomes First Chinese Woman to Walk in Space

This marks the first time China's Shenzhou-13 crew had exited its space station after arriving last month.

Sun Unleashes Large Solar Flare Which Could Lead to Spectacular Auroras This Weekend: Experts

When the Earth is in the direct path of a coronal mass ejection CME it can lead to major geomagnetic storms resulting in stunning aurora borealis and aurora australis light shows if skies are clear.

The Epoch Times

A Chinese Rocket Is Expected to Fall Back to Earth, But No One Knows Where the Debris Will Land

The 46,000-pound Long March 5B launched a core module into space last month.

Justin Chan

Chennai-Based Agnikul Signs Agreement With DoS; Will Get Opportunity To Work With Various ISRO Centers

Under the agreement, Agnikul will be able to work with various ISRO centers to get access to technical information and facilities necessary to go forward with their launch vehicle development

Debarghya Sil

Pentagon's UFO Program May Make Some Findings Public

Sen. Marco Rubio wants to crowdsource information on 'unidentified aerial phenomenon' at US military bases.

Stephanie Mlot

Singapore's Astroscale Raises $30 Million Funding to Delete Space Junk

The new funding brings the total raised by the company to date to $132 million

Nidhi Singh

The Future of Independent Living in India

Independent living spaces need to be designed such that they provide the highest level of safety and comfort

Deepak Gupta

#4 Sectors in Which India is Surging Ahead of China

While China has wowed the world with its bullet trains, India is pacing ahead in its space mission, launching valuable communication satellites

Komal Nathani

China to Launch 'Core Module' for Space Station Around 2018

China plans to have a working permanent manned space station around 2022.