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Startup Spotlight: SpaceTIS Is Bringing Innovative Space Technologies To The UAE

"The key UAV challenge in the industry that inspired this product development is the lack of versatile and high-endurance platforms to meet the old as well as emerging needs of many drone clients."


Madari Space Limited

Madari Space Limited offers sustainable data storage solutions in space, ensuring efficient and eco-conscious management of information beyond the earth.

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Want to Go to Space? Virgin Galactic Will Launch First Commercial Flight in June, Aiming For Monthly Flights After August

Virgin Galactic announced its first commercial flight will take off in a launch window of June 27 to June 30.

News and Trends

UAE Space Agency Launches New Campaign To Invite The Private Sector To Partake In The Emirates Mission To The Asteroid Belt

The Space Means Business campaign follows the announcement that at least 50% of the contracted space mission is expected to be handed over to the UAE's private sector companies.

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The Government Says UFOs Are Real — And Fighter Pilots Want You to Help Look for Them (For Real)

Americans for Safe Aerospace seeks to make it easier for pilots and concerned citizens to report unexplained things they see in the sky.

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SpaceX Attempts Second Starship Launch

On Monday, the mission was called off just minutes before takeoff. Today, SpaceX is attempting a second launch of its two-stage rocketship, Starship.


Up, Up And Away: Inside India's First Private Space-Tech Company

In the beginning, investors did not believe that a 24-year-old could form a space company in India.

Science & Technology

Every Company Has the Potential to Enter the Space Economy. Here's How.

The space economy is worth nearly $500 billion — why wouldn't you want to get involved if you can? Use these four tips to find out how you can get started.

Green Entrepreneur

New Luxury Space Capsule Takes Passengers to Edge of Earth's Atmosphere — Where They Can Enjoy Cocktails and Killer Views

The net-zero Spaceship Neptune ascends 100,000 feet into the sky via SpaceBalloon. Trips are sold out until 2025.

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Jeff Bezos' Partner Lauren Sanchez Plans to Go to Space in 2023

The journalist and founder of Black Ops Aviation is no stranger to the pilot's seat.

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The World's First Space Tourist Is Heading Back for a Trip Around the Moon And This Time He's Bringing His Wife

Dennis Tito first visited the International Space Station in 2001.

Thought Leaders

Jane Poynter Wants to Take You to Space — and She's Not Doing It Like the Billionaire Boys' Rocket Club

Poynter sat down with Entrepreneur to discuss 30 years in the male-dominated aerospace sector and her latest endeavor, Space Perspective, the company striving to send more people to space than ever before.

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SpaceX Dragon Capsule Splashes Down Safely After 6 Months in Orbit, But the Mission Got Off to a Harrowing Start

The company plans to launch its next manned flight to the ISS in September of 2022.