Space Travel

Richard Branson's $300 Million Stake Dump Torpedoes Virgin Galactic Shares

Branson sold some of his Virgin Galactic ownership in order to fund other ventures.

NASA Ups the Odds of a Giant Asteroid Called Bennu Hitting Earth

The odds of Bennu smashing into our planet have increased, but they're still pretty far out.

3 Lessons We Should Learn From the Space-Bound Billionaires

Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Elon Musk have all traveled to space. Here's what we can learn from them.

Samuel Leeds

Blue Origin Is Challenging SpaceX's Artemis Lander Contract From NASA

Blue Origin's CEO called the process "fundamentally unfair."

I. Bonifacic

SpaceX Successfully Launches Four Astronauts Into Orbit for ISS Rendezvous

The Falcon first stage also made a second successful drone ship landing.

S Dent

Sir Richard Branson Touts New, Futuristic Spaceship in Bid to Boost Space Travel

Virgin Galactic recently unveiled the 'VSS Imagine,' its latest third-generation spacecraft.

Justin Chan

NASA Succeeds in Testing Most Powerful Rocket 'It Has Ever Built'

NASA is now one step closer to sending humans to the moon -- again.

Justin Chan

SpaceX's First Private Flight Will Put a 29-Year-Old American in Orbit

Cancer survivor Hayley Arceneaux will be the youngest American ever in space.

Steve Dent

SpaceX Starship Launch Reportedly Violated an FAA License

The agency reportedly started an investigation in response.

Jon Fingas

Scientists May Have Found the Background Ripples of the Universe

The gravitational wave discovery could help us understand the cosmos.

Jon Fingas