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Jane Poynter Wants to Take You to Space — and She's Not Doing It Like the Billionaire Boys' Rocket Club

Poynter sat down with Entrepreneur to discuss 30 years in the male-dominated aerospace sector and her latest endeavor, Space Perspective, the company striving to send more people to space than ever before.

Amanda Breen

El telescopio espacial Hubble descubre agujero negro supermasivo en el espacio

El hallazgo arroja luz en torno a la formación de estos cuerpos celestes que alguna vez fueron estrellas.

Hubble Space Telescope discovers supermassive black hole in space

The finding sheds light on the formation of these celestial bodies that were once stars.

La misión Axiom 1 es la primera misión tripulada al espacio 100% privada y hoy es el día de su lanzamiento

¡Todo está listo! Por primera vez una tripulación 100% privada manda a científicos al espacio en una nave de SpaceX. Aquí los detalles de la misión AX1.

Axiom 1 is the first 100% private mission into space and it will be launched today

Everything is ready! For the first time a private crew will be sent to space. Here all the details of the AX1 mission.

Hubble Spots Most Distant Star Ever, Getting a Literal Look Back in Time

The star's light has taken 12.9 billion years to reach Earth.

Amanda Breen

What Traveling to Space Can Teach Us About Working and Living on Earth

A common thread for every person who's been there: They've returned 'forever changed.'

3 Trends That are Shaping the Hospitality Industry

After a difficult few years, things are beginning to look up for the hospitality industry.

Justin Sun To Take Five Crewmates To Space

The Ambassador, Founder of TRON, and Winner of the Blue Origin Auction, will be going to the Space through the "Sea of Stars" campaign

Saurabh Singla

Astronaut Wang Yaping Becomes First Chinese Woman to Walk in Space

This marks the first time China's Shenzhou-13 crew had exited its space station after arriving last month.