Spirit Airlines

One Low-Cost U.S. Airline Is Buying Another for Nearly $3 Billion, Raising Monopoly Red Flags

The Biden Administration has tightened the reins on anticompetitive conduct in the airline industry.

Amanda Breen

United and Spirit Airlines Increase Pay for Pilots and Flight Attendants to Offset Labor Shortages

The airlines announced the temporary pay bumps for select staff members on Friday.

Amanda Breen

United y Spirit Airlines aumentan el pago de los pilotos y asistentes de vuelo para compensar la escasez de mano de obra

Las aerolĂ­neas anunciaron los aumentos salariales temporales para miembros selectos del personal el viernes.

Amanda Breen

Two Airlines Get Fresh Tailwinds From Upgrades

Spirit Airlines (NYSE: SAVE) and JetBlue (NASDAQ: JBLU) are the latest two airlines to grab the attention of Wall Street as the economic recovery continues to gather pace.

Sam Quirke

The Best and Worst Airlines for Customer Experience

JetBlue is getting a lot of love. Spirit Airways? Not so much.

Laura Entis

The 5 Worst Twitter Marketing Fails of 2014

#Fiasco. Some brands excel at tucking their tails between their tweets. Here's a naughty list of the ugliest Twitter marketing disasters this year and the important lessons you can learn from them.

The Blocked-For-Now Airline Merger: What Travelers Can Expect

A November trial will decide if the merger between American Airlines and US Airways should move forward. Here's how it might affect travelers.

Elaine Glusac