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'Deberíamos haberlo hecho antes': el CEO de Spotify habla sobre la controversia de Joe Rogan

Spotify informó sus ganancias del cuarto trimestre de 2021 el miércoles en medio de la controversia que ha sacudido a la compañía en las últimas semanas.

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'We Should Have Done it Earlier': Spotify CEO Speaks Out on Joe Rogan Controversy

Spotify reported its Q4 2021 earnings on Wednesday amid controversy that has rocked the company in recent weeks.


Joe Rogan rompe el silencio sobre la controversia de Spotify: '¿Me equivoco? Absolutamente'

El controvertido presentador de podcast publicó un nuevo video en su Instagram durante el fin de semana.

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Joe Rogan Breaks Silence on Spotify Controversy: 'Do I Get Things Wrong? Absolutely'

The controversial podcast host posted a new video to his Instagram over the weekend.

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Spotify Wrapped Is Finally Here: These Were the Top 5 Songs of 2021

The experience, which began in 2015, shows users a detailed look at what they listened to over the course of the year, including top artists, albums and songs.


Spotify Wrapped finalmente está aquí: estas fueron las 5 mejores canciones de 2021

La experiencia, que comenzó en 2015, muestra a los usuarios una visión detallada de lo que escucharon durante el año, incluidos los mejores artistas, álbumes y canciones.

Growing a Business

5 Ways to Use Spotify's Podcast Growth Strategies for Branding and Marketing

Spotify's podcasting growth strategy is one that a variety of businesses should consider emulating.


4 Everyday Apps On Your Phone That Can Do Much Good

Nithin Kamath, Zerodha CEO shares his favourite apps that keep him productive and inspired

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A Quarter of Spotify Users Now Listen to Podcasts

Spotify's user base has also grown to 345 million.

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Spotify Gets Into the Holiday Spirit With Snapchat-Style Stories Trial

The music streaming platform has created a carbon copy of Snapchat and Instagram's Stories feature.

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Spotify Offers Gen Z and Millennial Insights to Help Marketers Connect Better

Younger generations are ready for big changes.

Social Media

Is Audio the Future of Social Media? Twitter's Jack Dorsey Thinks So.

How will the emergence of more voice and sound media help you grow your business?

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'The Michelle Obama Podcast' Debuts July 29 on Spotify

Her early guests will include Valerie Jarrett and Conan O'Brien.

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Spotify Debuts Podcast Charts to Let You Know What's Popular

Two lists for trending and most-listened shows will be updated regularly.

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Spotify Launches Fundraising Feature for Artists

Musicians can raise money for themselves, their band/crew or another entertainer in need by adding a charity link to their profile.