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5 Reasons You Need to Get a Walking Desk Right Now

Here are a few ways you are able to turbocharge your career just by using a walking desk.

Caren Merrick

Sick of Sitting? Tired of Standing? Take a Load Off With This 'Leaning' Desk.

Forget leaning in. It's time to lean back. With this recliner behind you, you can slouch on the job like you mean it.

11 Low-Cost Ways to Keep Your Team Healthy

Check out these affordable wellness measures that will help you keep your business running at top speed.

Cubicles Were Originally Designed to Set Us Free and Now They're Slowly Killing Us

Working in a box does much more than drive you up a wall -- even the man who designed the cubicle knew that.

In This Vision of a Healthier Workplace, Sitting Is Not Allowed

Dutch visual artist Barbara Visser is taking an edgy stand against the dangers of sitting at work all day.

Want More Productive Meetings? Try Getting Rid of the Chairs.

Getting up and moving away from the conference table can increase collaboration and performance, a new study finds.

Laura Entis

4 New Year's Resolutions You Could Start Tomorrow

Here are four productivity ideas to put into practice ahead of time and gain a head start on 2015.

Mel Carson