5 Reasons You Need to Get a Walking Desk Right Now Here are a few ways you are able to turbocharge your career just by using a walking desk.

By Caren Merrick

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Entrepreneurs constantly test their endurance on every level -- mentally, emotionally and physically. It seems as if there's never enough time to tackle everything that needs to get done. Too often, the first thing that falls from the to-do list is physical exercise.

Does that happen to you?

I'm an exercise junkie, but when I started my latest business, I struggled to find time for this passion. Walking has always been my favorite exercise in particular. I love to walk in cities, in the mountains, along a footpath and around my neighborhood.

Yet, five days a week, I need to be at the office, cubicle or seated at a desk to get work done. About a year ago, I finally decided to change my routine to add more exercise into my busy schedule.

I invested in a walking desk and the benefits continue to add up in delightful and surprising ways -- both in my personal and professional life.

Here are a five ways I have been able to turbocharge my career just by using my walking desk:

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1. Heightened creativity

I do my best thinking when walking. I gain more new ideas on how to innovate and solve problems when I'm walking than when I'm not. I am not the only one. Steve Jobs was legendary for his creativity and for his walking meetings. Turns out this isn't a coincidence. A recent Stanford study shows that people are a whopping 60 percent more creative when they're walking than when they are sedentary. The study showed that it doesn't matter if you are walking outside or on a treadmill -- you get the same benefit from either.

2. Increased productivity

There's a lot you can do when walking on a treadmill desk. I wrote this article while on it! A walking desk is the ultimate multi-tasking tool. I can read and edit documents, do email and participate in Hangouts, Skype or phone meetings with colleagues at a low speed. I've even participated in telephonic board meetings while walking several miles.

The creativity boost that occurs while I'm walking naturally extends into all of the productive tasks I do while at my treadmill desk.

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3. Improved health and fitness

I've lost 8 pounds this year. I was in good health to begin with but after my last physical I was healthier across the board.

Walking is the simplest positive change you can make to improve your health. Research shows that the benefits of walking for at least 30 minutes a day can help prevent the most devastating illnesses including heart disease, blood pressure, obesity, osteoporosis and even cancer.

Being active at work helps combat the dreaded sitting-desk syndrome: years of studies show that seated desks are a ticking time bomb for your health.

As an added bonus, the walking desk is convenient and available regardless of weather conditions. I continued to walk miles daily during snowy winter months and the rainy spring. I had one less obstacle and excuse to avoid exercise.

4. Greater sense of achievement

My goal is to walk two to four miles per day on my walking desk -- and I often walk many more. Ticking that goal off my list every day gives me an additional boost of confidence to tackle projects.

5. Reduced stress

Every entrepreneur has it -- that nervous energy that propels you forward. Yet sometimes, it's a distraction. Walking on your treadmill desk burns off that energy so you can focus.

I continue to walk outside every day and enjoy the fresh air (weather permitting.) When I need to be at my desk to work, I use my walking desk. It has opened up new opportunities for creativity, productivity, well being and better overall health. I've found you can literally walk your way to success.

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Caren Merrick

Founder and CEO of Pocket Mentor

Caren Merrick is the Founder & CEO of Pocket Mentor, a mobile app and multi-media company providing leaders with daily advice, tools, and action plans to grow themselves, their teams, and their businesses. For tips on how to communicate for greater success, download Caren’s free guide, 7 Secrets To Highly Effective Communications. Previously, Caren was the Co-Founder and EVP of the enterprise software company webMethods, which grew from a basement start-up to a global Nasdaq company with $200 million in annual revenue and 1,100 employees worldwide. Caren serves on several private equity, financial services, and nonprofit boards and is an author and speaker.  

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