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Startup Spotlight: UAE-Based Hekayati Is Introducing More Diversity In Children's Stories With Its Personalized Books Platform

"Hekayati aims to solve the challenge of disengagement from traditional storytelling methods that are stereotypical."

Buying / Investing in Business

Want to Raise Money? Ignore These 3 Sources of Conventional Wisdom

Entrepreneurs often turn to the same sources of conventional wisdom to improve their odds in the fight for venture capital dollars. Entrepreneurs need to abandon the shackles of conventional wisdom and strive to create unique pitches.


Startup Spotlight: Abu Dhabi-Based Hulexo Is Here To Reduce Operational Bottlenecks For Small Businesses

At its core, the startup aims to address the many shortcomings of traditional ERP systems.

News and Trends

Ex-Zomato Co-Founder Gaurav Gupta Launches New HealthTech Startup 'Gabit'

In early 2023 filing, Gabit raised seed funding of USD 9.5M during its stealth mode from several angel investors such as Deepinder Goyal and Vikram Chopra, Zomato's Chief Financial Officer Akshant Goyal and former Zomato co-founder Mohit Gupta, among others

Starting a Business

The Legal Lowdown of Starting a New Business: A Startup Lawyer Explains

More than 5 million new U.S. businesses were started in the U.S. last year — and startup founders need to be wary of the legal obstacles that could derail their success.


Así es cómo los fundadores están aprovechando la IA para levantar capital

Existen herramientas basadas en inteligencia artificial que facilitan la obtención de capital de riesgo para las nuevas empresas. Así es como las están utilizando.


Abu Dhabi Youth Challenge: Techstars Startup Weekend Invites Participants To Collaborate With Early Childhood Education Sector Stakeholders

The Techstars Startup Weekend will also provide a platform for participants to convert their business ideas into tangible prototypes within a 54-hour-frame.


10 razones por las cuales el branding es importante, incluso para las startups

El branding es un fundamental en la construcción de una startup exitosa.

News and Trends

4 Web3 Startups That are Shaping Today's Technology for Tomorrow's Decentralised Society

Talk about technology, and India's mention is a sure-shot occurrence. At present, the country has 450+ Web3 startups. According to Arthur D. Little's report, India's Metaverse and Web3 market is projected to reach USD 200 billion by 2035


The Electrifiers: How a Group of Men Are Changing the Mobility Landscape

How BluSmart is breaking the Duopoly of Ola and Uber the Electric Way

Iniciar un negocio

Cuatro consejos para iniciar un negocio en línea en 2024

Cuatro consejos clave para hacer que tu negocio en línea prospere este año.

Growing a Business

10 Reasons Why Branding Is Important, Even For Startups

Branding is a fundamental aspect of building a successful startup.

Starting a Business

4 Tips for Starting an Online Business in 2024

Four key tips to help your online business thrive this year.


4 consejos sencillos para destacar en el mundo competitivo de las startups

Cómo diferenciar tu negocio en el competitivo panorama de las startups.

Science & Technology

6 Positive Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

AI in digital marketing isn't just a passing trend; it marks the beginning of a new era.