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AI is Here to Cut Costs, Not to Replace Manpower: Ankush Sabharwal

In December 2022, OpenAI's ChatGPT went public and to date stands as a pinnacle of the AI revolution. But Sabharwal brought in India's answer to the existing Generative AI/Large Language- BharatGPT


15 fundadores inmigrantes para destacar en 2024

Los fundadores inmigrantes aportan una perspectiva global a los problemas locales, promoviendo así un enfoque fresco y disruptivo en sus industrias respectivas. Estos son 15 fundadores inmigrantes que están generando empleo y además ponen el nombre de su región en alto.

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Startup Employees Express Unease About Job Security: CIEL HR Report

The report highlights the significant challenges faced by the startup ecosystem in early-stage funding


A cocktail of artsy and gutsy

Entrepreneurial and artistic since a young age, Aparajita founded the Saat Saath Arts Foundation in 2010, a non-profit meant to curate a platform that allows creative dialogue between Indian artists and the international art world.

Business Culture

Sweat Equity Deserves Kudos — How to Create Recognition Programs That Acknowledge the Hard Work of Startup Founders

Recognizing founders' sweat equity with tailored, responsive programs boosts morale and loyalty while driving startup success by nurturing a culture of appreciation.

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Innovation Meets Tradition To Shape India's Agricultural Future

Technology has made headways into the agri sector and the country has been nothing short of innovations and new ideas trying to unlock new methods of food production to meet its growing needs and a burgeoning population.

Science & Technology

PR Guide for AI Startups — How to Dodge Pitfalls and Shine in a Crowded Market

Here are five common PR mistakes AI startups must avoid.

Growth Strategies

Unicorns Vs. Zebras: Rethinking What Counts For Entrepreneurial Success In The MENA Region

Unlike unicorns, which prioritize rapid growth and sky-high valuations, zebras focus on sustainability, profitability, and social impact.


DeepL, la startup de IA que desafió a Google Translate, alcanza $2,000 millones de dólares de valoración tras recaudar $300 millones en nueva ronda

El 'unicornio' alemán DeepL se ha convertido en un símbolo del emprendimientotras al haberse enfrentado al traductor de Google con innovaciones pioneras en IA lingüística.

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EV Ride-hailing Startup BluSmart to Raise $25 Million in Pre-Series B Round

It is also looking to enter the Dubai market and will be ready for an official launch in the first week of June

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Subhash Chandra's Zee Media Partners With MAI Labs For Immersive Tech Platform 'MayaaVerse'

Having raised over USD 17.5 million at a valuation of 250 million from global investors, MAI Labs plans to raise the next USD 50 million at a valuation of half a billion dollars

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More People Are Exploring Entrepreneurship Because of This Unexpected Reason

More new business applications were filed in 2023 than in any other year so far.


Want to Enhance Your Influence as a Startup Leader? Here's What You Need to Know.

Discover the foundational influence styles of "pushers" and "pullers," and learn practical tactics to refine your natural influencing approach. Enhance your performance in startup environments by adopting the most effective elements of both styles.

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Miss World Manushi Chhillar Turns Entrepreneur With Swimwear Line 'Dweep'

'Dweep' aims to redefine the swimwear industry by catering to a diverse range of body types, skin tones, and personal styles


Pet Tech: 5 startups latinoamericanas que están innovando en el cuidado de las mascotas

Las startups de productos y servicios para mascotas en América Latina vienen ganando fuerza gracias al crecimiento de este sector.