Starting a Business

Your Business Will Never Succeed If You Overlook This Key Step

A comprehensive guide for startups to achieve and maintain product-market fit through thorough market research, iterative product development and strategic scaling while prioritizing customer feedback and agility.

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How to Be a Billionaire By 25, According to a College Dropout Turned CEO Worth $1.6 Billion

Austin Russell became the world's youngest self-made billionaire in 2020 at age 25.

Growing a Business

How AI Startups Can Increase Their Chances of Success in Today's Landscape

The AI B2C sector is set to take off for startups that identify their market and address the tech challenges.

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Can ChatGPT Help Start a Business? I Tried the Latest Version, GPT-4o, to Find Out.

I tried ChatGPT for business advice, from the perspective of a first-time founder looking for ideas and guidance.


El emprendedor que ofrecía los productos dermatológico en un maletín y que terminó por adquirir una multimillonaria empresa farmacéutica

La historia de Fernando Tamez y DS Labs es única. Y demuestra que con paciencia, constancia y resiliencia todo es posible.


Missing the Exciting Startup Days? Here's How to Bring That Spark Back to Your Business.

Reignite the startup spark in your established business.


You Don't Need Venture Capital Anymore — Here Are 4 Funding Alternatives

Are you hoping to raise capital for your business without traditional investor interference? Here are four alternatives you could pursue.

News and Trends

Google's Parent Company Alphabet Eyeing $23 Billion Startup Cybersecurity Acquisition

Alphabet, Google's parent company, are in talks to buy startup cybersecurity company, Wiz, worth $23 billion


axio's Sustainable Growth Strategy Yields 50% Revenue Increase and 95% Loss Reduction in FY24

By democratizing credit, axio caters a large volume of the customer segment that does not have a personal credit product at their disposal

Growing a Business

5 Must-Have Qualities to Look For in Your First Investor

Every founder should use these criteria to evaluate potential investors. These traits eliminate doubts and help find the best match for long-term success.

Iniciar un negocio

Del fracaso anticipado al éxito inesperado: 5 puntos de inflexión en mi viaje emprendedor

No siempre creí que mi negocio tendría éxito, pero estos cinco momentos me ayudaron a ver su potencial.

News and Trends

Meet India's First Full Text-to-Video AI Platform Launched by Phenomenal AI

It said that the videos are cost-effective, easily accessible, and simple with high quality