How Health Tech Startups Are Solving the Anti-Aging Problem

Everyone has their own method of seeking out the secrets to longevity, and health tech companies are taking notice.

Olya Osokina

The next step for startups: empowering female founders

There are almost 600 Mexican startups, but this is where we find a gap that must be filled: only 16% percent of them have female founders.

Paco Solsona

Startups and their leadership role in wellness

One of the main contributions of startups is how they have shaped the new workplace reality.

The startup Symba is crowned as the global winner of South Summit 2021

In addition to Symba, four other startups have been recognized today in the project categories 'Most Sustainable', 'Best Team', 'Most Innovative' and 'Most Scalable'.

This startup wants to improve communication in Mexican companies

Humand is an application that centralizes the entire digital experience of employees in 15 modules and proves that face-to-face is not necessary to communicate better.

Ivonne Vargas

Why Entrepreneurs and Tech-Ops Professionals Make a Powerful Team

The linearity and pragmatism of technology and operations professionals seem diametrically opposed to the abstract thinking and future-focus of entrepreneurs. But the opposition makes them uniquely suited to high-achieving collaboration.

Bill Packer

5 Tips for Starting a Successful Company

While 2020 may have been a terrible year for health and wellbeing, it was a great year for startups. Here's how to get in on the movement.

'Make Your Customers Love You': Brixton Ventures Lab Investor Shares Tips for Startup Founders

Rafael Hernández has generated more than 50 collaborations between startups and private institutions. Today he shares four tips for founders.

Hugo Cen

The Chilean startup raises $ 50 million in capital

This investment round will allow the company to accelerate its growth in Latin America, specifically in Mexico.

The 10 most promising startups in Mexico: Infographic

The economy begins to reactivate in different industries opening opportunities in different sectors.

Sofía Ugalde

6 Fundamental Business Lessons Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Walt Disney

His success is all the more amazing when you learn how many times Walt Disney failed.

Shawn Doyle