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6 Tips for Goal-Setting That, Trust Me, They Don't Teach You in College

Your goals will not achieve themselves and will regrettably require your vigorous participation.

Phil La Duke

· 8 min read

Want to Be Successful? Quit Overthinking.

The longer you live and the wiser you become, the more you'll realize how little you know … and how little it matters.

Steve Tobak

· 5 min read

Why Talent-Centric Entrepreneurs Should Treat Their Business Like a Fashion House

Build your business around your talent and watch things flourish.

Michael Cooper

· 5 min read

'Winning the Brain Game' Will Help Fix Your Fatal Flaws of Thinking

A new book shows you how to be a more creative and effective entrepreneur.

Carol Roth

· 8 min read

Why Future Orientation Is the Most Important Part of Entrepreneurial Thinking

Simply having a map doesn't mean you'll even start a journey -- which is why connecting personal action to outcome is essential.

Amy Rosen

· 4 min read

My 7 Favorite Not-So-Famous Gandhi Quotes

His teachings have acted as anchors for me in making business decisions for years.

Ken Dunn

· 2 min read

The Fundamentals of Successful Thinking

People who have developed the right mental disciplines make more money, stretch their abilities more than their peers, enjoy higher positions at work, command more respect and form more meaningful professional and personal relationships.

Ken Sundheim

· 4 min read

Why Collaboration Is Essential to Entrepreneurship

Make it an integral part of your planning and your mindset and you -- and your business -- will be better for it.

Amy Rosen

· 4 min read

The 3 Most Overlooked Ingredients of Startup Success Are All in Your Head

Hard work and a good idea are necessary but not sufficient to succeed the harsh winnowing process that crushes the majority of new businesses.

Pratik Dholakiya

· 4 min read

Practice Triage in Making Business Decisions

Business leaders should categorize choices by their potential impact to improve quality and speed.

Joel Trammell

· 4 min read

How to Envision and Realize a Bright Future

Generic advice doesn't always work because there are some things, some very important things, you simply have to figure out for yourself.

Steve Tobak

· 6 min read

3 Types of Leadership Strategies That Distinguish Outstanding Entrepreneurs

Be familiar with all varieties as you may need to adapt your management style to better deal with unexpected situations.

Jacqueline Whitmore

· 4 min read