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#8 Tips for Entrepreneurs To Come Up With Great Ideas Your mind is always going to be the battleground for a lot of ideas before they move to phase 2 of reality.

By Mohit Rao

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I truly believe that everything is created twice, once in your mind and second in reality. Your mind is always going to be the battleground for a lot of ideas before they move to phase 2 of reality. The key is to give yourself the liberty to think beyond boundaries. Great ideas are simple and easy to explain and this is the ideology I follow for every show. Your audience/clients will connect with the fact that you think from their perspective.

Dreams revealed: You dream for a reason Dreams often reveal facts about life which we are afraid to acknowledge. They could be positive or negative depending on our problems but they definitely need to be considered while taking a decision. Most people say they do not remember dreams but the truth that with a little effort, we can always remember our dream.

Best part about a dream is that it is a perfect space for our conscious and subconscious mind to collaborate and use their combined power to find solutions to problems we face in a waking life. Entrepreneurs are often busy juggling so many things that they forget to listen to themselves, interpretation of their own dreams could lead them to solve problems which seemed unclear in reality.

Subconscious pop-ups: Your microscopic view is lying Sounds almost too simple to be workable but very often walking away from a problem is a great way discover new options and ideas. The reason this happens is because standing too close to the problem does not allow us to see beyond the obvious. Hence, finding a solution becomes trickier. Walking away from it gives us a fresh perspective on how to approach it, leading a refreshed wave of ideas.

Professional Soulmate : It is ok to have more than one soulmate Just as in our personal lives, we have soulmates, we can have a soulmate in our business lives too. We have people that complete us because of the skills and attribute the have within them. If you look hard enough, you might find people who have these complementary skill sets and ideas. With such people, have discussion because they have the right thought process that we require to complete us and help to find ideas. These are truly inspiring and collaborative brainstorming sessions because the outcomes of these meetings leads to pure genius.

Mind Reading : They are already thinking it Not necessarily in the literal sense but more metaphorically, is very important as far as customer understanding is concerned. To understand what your customers are thinking help generate ideas from their perspective. At the end of the day, everything you do is designed to improve the quality of their life so why looking for ideas sometimes the best way is to sit down and watch the customers using your products and in there we find solutions to improve grow and expand our business.

Intuition & Instinct : Your inner voice is not a devil Do not underestimate the power of inner voice because some of the greatest revelations we have had have come from people believing in our instinct. No matter how much data and facts and figures we have at the end of the day it comes down to a decision that needs to be taken. The choice to go ahead or not eventually rests with you. So go with the flow and let your guy lead you to success.

Blank space staring : No idea is a bad idea We often tell children not to daydream because it is seen as a waste of time. But in reality, daydreaming can actually be very useful because it allows us to allow thoughts to flow through us with no particular structure. In this seemingly random flow, we find nuggets of ideas and thoughts which appear unconnected, but when pieced together, help form ideas we are not currently exploring.

Unlikely thinking : Opposites attract If you can't find a likely option for a solution then write down everything that would not work. This opposite thinking, by a process of elimination, leads to finding something that would work for you. For example what would be absolute opposite of this situation. How would it be bad for the customer etc. This leads to viewing the problem from the opposite end of the spectrum which could help get clarity on what we are trying to achieve.

Life : The best guru ever Life is the best teacher of all and every lesson she teaches is lifelong and completely unforgettable. A lot of the ideas we have are a combination of the experiences we have been through in our life. If you talk to somebody who was at a completely different journey and completely different exposure level from our life, we get ideas from them that we would not have considered.

For example, if you talk to somebody who spent most of their life in jail, we will get a point of view from them that you would not get from somebody was at the luxury of being outside and free. As an entrepreneur myself I would strongly recommend that you constantly invest in effective self-analysis techniques, right people, and technology to sustain in this ever demanding space.

Mohit Rao

Mind Reader & Corporate Trainer

Mind Reader & Corporate Trainer Mohit Rao has captured the attention of the corporate audience through his unique Shows and skills.  Mohit engages the audiences with his mindboggling Acts in Mind Reading, Telepathy, mass Hypnosis, Dream analysis and so on. The Show builds to a mega-finale of precisely predicting the exact closing of the BSE Sensex, down to the last decimal. 


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