Kash Hasworth

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
Founder & CEO at Solar Ignite Group

Kash Hasworth is a disruptive sales leader, entrepreneur and author of "Selling Keeps You Broke". After scaling a wireless franchise to 28 locations in his early 20s, he emerged as a formidable force in the renewable energy arena. He arms his readers with the tools to learn, elevate and disrupt.


Growing a Business

Trust Needs To Be Earned — Not Demanded. Here Are 5 Crucial Leadership Elements to Earn Your Team's Trust.

You have to maintain a high level of trust across your team to ensure buy-in for collective efforts toward a shared company goal.

Recursos Humanos

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Growing a Business

Uncover The Best Kept Secret For Recruiting Elite Sales Talent

A disruptive strategy for recruiting top performing salespeople in any industry.


Resilience Unlocked: 9 Strategies to Turn Adversity Into an Advantage

Embrace difficulty. It's merely an opportunity to catalyze growth.

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