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Growth Strategies

Why A Winning Mindset Can Make Or Break Your Business

The successful growth of your organisation is largely dependent on your mindset as the owner of the business. Are you taking the time to develop this crucial element?


Billy Selekane on Becoming the Architect of Your Own Success

You're either a change-maker, or someone who is influenced by the shifting conditions around you. The truly successful know how to determine their own destinies. Here's how they do it.


How a Success Mindset has Helped Grant Gavin Build a Billion-Rand Business

True success starts within. Are you willing and able to discover and pursue your passions, focus on self-development and always add more to the people and situations around you?


Zizipho Nyanga, CEO of the Masisizane Fund, on How Attitude Helps Business Owners Access Funding

Often, the difference between the super successful and their less fortunate counterparts is preparation. Being in the right place at the right time isn't luck - it's working towards a goal and ensuring that all the pieces come together.


How LAWTrust Went From R103 Million To R198 Million In 15 Months

Christi and Maeson Maherry took their R103 million business to a turnover of R198 million in just 15 months. How? With a strong vision, the right foundations in place, and the understanding that 'overnight' success is a ten-year journey. This is how they've built LAWTrust, an industry specialist that owns its niche, has created a highly defensible position for itself, and is now poised for global growth.


Why You Shouldn't Always Be Reasonable

All too often we're told by society and communities that we must learn to be reasonable. We are told that being reasonable is a sign of virtue. I disagree. We should give ourselves permission to be unreasonable.


Why Mental Fitness Is The Best Thing For Your Business

We're so focused on physical fitness, health and maintaining our stress levels that we forget the impact our mental fitness has on our business. Here's why I'm focusing on my mental fitness to build my business.

Growth Strategies

When To Harness - Or Ditch - Patience As A Virtue

Urgency can be an essential tool to growing a high-impact organisation, or a distraction.


Making A Habit Of Success

The battle to become a success is fought in the mind. That's where success is won or lost. Are you training your mind to support your success - or sabotaging it?


Why Rapper Slikour Believes That If You Dream It, You Can Be It

Rapper and entrepreneur Slikour believes his success is the result of one key element: The aspiration to make something of himself, and create a platform for his voice to be heard. Now he's bringing that mindset to South Africa's black urban youth.


Success Lessons From The Founder Of Cycle Lab

Andrew McLean is an ex-professional cyclist, TV presenter and the founder of Cycle Lab. He approaches business (and everything else in life) the same way he does a fierce race.


In Business, Always Race To Win

For World Surf Ski Champion, Dawid Mocke, living a life well-lived, following your dreams, and helping others to pursue theirs is the essence of success.

Growth Strategies

How To Avoid The 'Facebook Effect'

Don't let perceived realities – of your business or those of your competitors – derail your strategies.


How Marnus Broodryk Became a Self-Made Millionaire At 24

Not only has the 31-year old entrepreneur achieved what he set out to do, but he was a self-made millionaire at 24, the youngest investor on South Africa's Shark Tank, and an entrepreneur who is shaking up the entire accounting industry. All without taking a single cent of debt.


TBO Touch's Success Mindset

One of South Africa's most popular radio personalities, TBO Touch has developed into an entrepreneur and brand powerhouse. He believes every goal and vision is attainable, with the right attitude and mindset.