Success Mindset


5 Ways to For Your Startup to Thrive

Entrepreneur, tax specialist and leadership advisor George Diab believes one's character and grit are tested when launching a start-up. Here are his lessons for not only surviving, but thriving as a new business owner, based on his own entrepreneurial experiences and those gleaned from his expertise at the NeuroLeadership Institute.


How to Live an Extraordinary Life

Rudolf Goosen is an ex-professional rugby player, entrepreneur, author, TV presenter and motivational speaker. Entrepreneur recently spoke to him about his new book, Taking Your Life to the Next Level.


One Simple Secret To Success That Anyone Can Do

The secret to achieving impossible dreams is accretion - slowly and steadily working towards your goals.


How Max Lichaba Built a R120-Million Business With Only a Grade 10 Education

Max Lichaba grew up in a friend's garage in a small town outside Welkom. He finished school with a Grade 10 and no prospects, except for a burning desire to do more with his life than become a miner like all the other men in his community. Today, his jewellery business has a R120 million turnover, and he's only just begun to achieve his dreams.


How Albert van Wyk Made His First Million By Age 22

Becoming financially free starts with a millionaire mindset. Albert van Wyk decided in his early teens that he wanted more from life. He started with something as simple as mowing lawns. By 22 he'd paid off his first property.


Culture Lessons From One Of The World's Top-Performing Companies

Doreen Kosi unpacks the personal success mindset that drew her to SABMiller and AB InBev, and reveals what it means to be a part of a winning team.


How Pepe Marais and Gareth Leck Built, Sold and Bought Back South Africa's Largest Independent Agency, Joe Public

Pepe Marais and Gareth Leck sold Joe Public because they were young and excited. It would take them eight years to buy their business back. Today they're South Africa's largest independent agency, with a turnover of R700 million, and gross profits in excess of R200 million.

Starting a Business

Wes Boshoff's 7 Lessons In Reaching Your Business's Full Potential

As a start-up, does your vision push the boundaries? Are you putting everything you have into achieving something great? Here are seven lessons to help you (and your business) reach full potential.


Your Success Is Determined By How Well You Can Embrace Change

The only constant is change. If you can't learn to embrace it, you'll be left behind.

Women Entrepreneur™

Rapelang Rabana's 3 Lessons in Learning How To Innovate

To be a success in today's fast paced world, you need innovation at the heart of everything you do.

Growth Strategies

9 Ways To Get More Done in Less Time

Life-hacking is about accomplishing more in less time, with less stress, at a lower cost with the use of simple digital tools.


8 Rugby Lessons That Will Help You Become a Better Entrepreneur

Business is the ultimate test of wills, focus, determination and pushing through the pain when things get tough. In fact, if you can take lessons off the rugby field and into the boardroom, you'll be a better entrepreneur.


How Sam and Rob Paddock Sold GetSmarter for R1,4 Billion

What growth path did GetSmarter founders, Sam Paddock and Rob Paddock follow that allowed them to sell their business for R1,4 billion, and what can you learn from their journey?


What You Read and Listen To Can Determine Your Success

The secret to curating a successful life starts with what you put in.

Women Entrepreneur™

How Xoliswa Daku Took Her Business From R18-million to R100-million in Under Four Years

Xoliswa Daku believes in creating wealth through property developments. This principle has been her guiding star, helping her take an R18 million business to R100 million in under four years.