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Chaos, Loathing and Tech: How the War in Ukraine Hit U.S. Immigrant Entrepreneurs

When Russia invaded Ukraine, many tech companies were caught up in the chaos -- and now they're dealing with the fallout. Some U.S. startups, too, became unlikely casualties of war.

Meet Matsuko the startup that will transform holographic calls into a reality

This is the application that promises to forever change the way we attend our virtual meetings.

Behind the Scenes of a Company Rebrand

Through the rebranding process, I learned the importance of concepts like company UX.

Sean McDermott

3 Tips for Scaling a Hardware Company Successfully

Scale your hardware startup with savvy, and you'll come out ahead.   

Pritom Das

Want to Work at Meta? How Budding Entrepreneurs Can Build a Tech CV in College.

Seven strategies to highlight your qualifications for the fast-moving sector -- and other industries as well.

Melissa Venable

5 Lessons I Learned While Building a Business Everyone Said Would Fail

I had an idea and people thought I was crazy. I ignored them and decided to go for it.

Michael Fenech

Why Product-Led CEOs Are the Key to a Strong Tech Industry

Tech will go through an unprecedented leadership transition this decade.

Dheeraj Pandey

How Co-Founders Without Tech Backgrounds Built an Enormously Successful Custom Platform

Alana Branston and Ali Kriegsman didn't have tech backgrounds when they launched Bulletin, now a wholesale marketplace home to thousands of brands and retailers, but they shared a passion for independent brands and the world of content marketing, which helped fuel their company's 30% month-over-month organic growth last year.

Amanda Breen

The Global Deck of Talent Is Reshuffling

And this isn't just happening for software developers: It's happening for founders too.

Matt Cohen

Why I Quit My Safe, Well-Paying Job to Start a Tech Business Out of My Basement

The biggest risk of my life proved to me that taking leaps of faith is the most worthwhile thing you can do for your career.

Sergio Alvarez

How Hong Kong Stands Out as a Top Fintech Hub

Hong Kong can ascend to being a fintech hub worldwide in light of its diversity, resilience and dynamics in the financial sector.

Eric Chin

How to Accelerate Your Success as a Female Founder

The first step in starting a business has two components: doing something and then saying, "I'm doing this." Many female entrepreneurs struggle with the second part. I know I did.

Sarah Smith