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Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Why Crypto is Back for Banks and Financial Institutions (and Why You Should Take Notice)

Crypto and blockchain products coming back down to earth has translated into heightened authentic interest from massive institutions that can take mass adoption to a new level.

Science & Technology

4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a CRM

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is prioritizing tasks and projects — here are four reasons a CRM can help your business.

Science & Technology

3 Practical Ways to Let Artificial Intelligence Work for You

Rather than redesign their business' entire approach just to meet AI somewhere along the horizon, leaders can instead take a more practical route and ask how AI can improve their current strategy.

Growing a Business

5 Ways Startups Can Increase Their Visibility

Don't sit back and hope that business will come to you. Put yourself out there and take advantage of opportunities to attend events, network, compete and build new relationships.


Ones To Watch: Eight Women With Middle Eastern Roots Making Waves In Silicon Valley

Only a third of the workforce at the largest tech companies are women. But despite the odds, these remarkable women with roots in the Middle East are making their impact on Silicon Valley.

Business Culture

Why Have More Women in Tech? Top 4 Reasons Backed By Research.

By embracing gender diversity, the tech industry can tap into the full potential of its workforce and create a more inclusive and prosperous future.


AI Is the Biggest Thing in Tech Since the iPhone. Here's a Surprising Way Your Company Can Enter the Fray.

AI might become an inseparable part of our lives much sooner than you think.


Are QR Codes Here to Stay? Here's Why They're Critical to Brand Experiences.

If a customer's experience is clunky, uninteresting or not shareable, people will not come back to do it again. This is where QR codes can change the game.


68% of the World Will Soon Live in Urban Areas — Are Smart Cities the Future for Humanity?

Is Saudi Arabia's NEOM a vision or a mirage? Discover the transformative power of smart cities.

Science & Technology

What's the Invisible Impact of AI? The Winners Aren't Who You Think

AI technology will usher in a new era and allow businesses to solve problems in ways never thought possible.


How to Use Technology to Run Your Company as an Executive with a Limitation

A blind CEO shares ways to use the latest technology to keep executives on top of workflow, communication, environment and security to lead the company seamlessly.


How the Circular Economy of Consumer Electronics Can Change Sustainability

Promoting the circular economy offers major sustainability benefits, but requires global collaboration across various industries.

Science & Technology

4 Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs Still Hesitate to Use ChatGPT

Large Language Models have impressed, but enterprise readiness remains a key concern.

Business News

'That's Not What I Want to Invest In': Venture Capitalists Withheld Billions From Startups Last Year — and Neglected One Urgent Category In Particular

U.S. investors financed just over 3,000 startup funding deals last quarter, a significant drop over the year prior.

Growth Strategies

Identity Matters: Here's How UAE-Based Uqudo Is Pioneering A Shift In Digital Identity Verification Processes Across The MENA

Uqudo founder and CEO Mohamed Fagiri believes that his enterprise can play a key role in building a more inclusive and equitable society.