This is Continental's robot battery that could change the electric car market

This robotic battery can be installed in almost any electric vehicle and will facilitate and optimize charging.

Elon Musk Sold $4 Billion of Tesla Shares Over 2 days But Says He's Now Done Selling, As He Closes His Twitter Buyout Deal

"No further Tesla sales planned after today," Musk tweeted after SEC filings were made public.

Weilun Soon

General Motors is already working on a 100% electric Corvette

The electric version of this North American classic could hit the market this year, which means great news for the sports car segment.

The Boring Company, Elon Musk's tunnel-making company receives $650 million in funding

The capital will allow him to move forward with the construction of a network of tunnels under the city of Las Vegas.

Tesla Tequila goes on sale for $ 420 dollars for a moment and sells out

The drink references a joke Elon Musk made on his Twitter account years ago that has since become a local joke.

BMW says the days of Tesla's dominance of the electric car market are over

A senior company executive issues a warning to Elon Musk's company.

Honda invests $40 billion to enter the electric car market

The Japanese automaker will fully enter the electric segment and will seek to develop its own solid-state battery.

Ford announces upcoming launch of the F-150 Lightning, its electric pick-up

Ford Motor Company fully enters the electric car market with this new version of its beloved pick-up.

Mark Cuban Says There's an Ulterior Motive Behind Elon Musk's Twitter Offer

Cuban notes that Musk's offer echoes the tweet that got him in trouble several years ago.

Amanda Breen

Tesla Has Reportedly Been Using Bots Since 2013 to Manipulate Stock Prices

New research finds that Twitter bots have long been cheerleading for Tesla, but to what end?

Emily Rella

Waymo's self-driving car is ready for commercial service in San Francisco

After more than a decade of development, testing and simulation, the company is ready to offer you a self-driving car that can take you to your workplace.