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Five Minutes with Entrepreneur Haneen Dabain, Founder of Pricena

The founder saw the lack of price comparison sites in the region, and decided to introduce the concept to the market.


Five Minutes With Entrepreneur Weam Zabar, Founder of Namaste Bahrain

From a demanding corporate job to being a winner of the Micro Enterprise of Year award at the Bahrain Award for Entrepreneurship, Namaste Bahrain founder Weam Zabar has come a long way.


Five Minutes with Beschir Hussain, co-founder and CEO of hellofood Middle East

The entrepreneur who cultivated his interest of understanding people's interactions and went on to build an online food ordering venture.


Five Minutes with Sama Yateem, Founder and Managing Director, PLAY Bahrain

In conversation with Sama Yateem on starting a venture focused on interactive play for children.


Five Minutes With Zaid Jawad, Entrepreneur And RoundMenu Founder

RoundMenu is an online F&B ordering and booking platform founded by Zaid Jawad, who was also the co-founder of Zawya.


Five Minutes With Bianca Hutin, Entrepreneur And Founder Of My Web Art

The entrepreneur talks about My Web Art's unique selling point: high quality of artists and art works.


Live a Healthier Life by Making Consistency Work for You

Create a mental meal and exercise plan to reach your goals and get in better shape, and see a boost in productivity.


Five Minutes with Designer and Entrepreneur Ethan Koh

A look behind the entrepreneurial journey of Ethan Koh, his creative process and brand.


Five Minutes With Entrepreneur Roshni Shewakramani, Founder Of Smitten Boutique

After finding a gap in the industry of maternity wear and children's fashion, Roshni Shewakramani decided to set up her own venture.


Startup Offers MENA-Friendly Domain Names has created a user-friendly marketplace of quality brandable names showcased alongside awesome visualizations of the same.


Five Minutes With Nathalie Haddad, Founder And Managing Director Of Right Bite

From being a nutritionist to being an entrepreneur, Nathalie Haddad describes her journey and her life as the founder of Right Bite.


Lost in Thought? Here Are 5 Reasons to Incorporate Daydreaming Into Your Daily Routine.

Go ahead, let your mind wander. When it's appropriate, of course.

Thought Leaders

The More Ideas You Have the Harder It Is to Know What to Do Next

Sorting through everything you need to do, want to do and dream of doing can result in doing none of it, unless you have a system for sorting it.


Five Minutes With Zainab Alsalih, Founder Of Carousel Weddings

After leaving the corporate world, Carousel Weddings founder Zainab Alsalih followed her passion of making people happy.


The 15 Characteristics of Effective Entrepreneurs

What makes an entrepreneur really tick? Here are some answers.