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The 'Real Housewife' Who Is A Very Real Entrepreneur

Ramona Singer is known as one of the "Real Housewives of New York" on Bravo. She is also a hell of an inspirational entrepreneur.


5 Ways to Stop Sleepwalking Through Your Mornings

Tweaking your morning routine can have big benefits all day long.

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The People Growing Rich In Sales Share These 5 Entrepreneurial Qualities

There is job called "sales rep'' but the people who excel at it treat it like their own business.

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Mark Cuban Slams Other Billionaires Who Complain About Being Rich

Being wealthy is 'as good as it gets,' the Shark Tank star says.

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4 Things No One Tells You About 'Entrepreneur-ing' From Home

No matter how successful you are, people will wonder if you're really working.

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Saxbys and Drexel Team Up to Promote Entrepreneurship

Saxby's founder Nick Bayer talks about the one-of-a-kind program and why he wishes there was one for himself years ago.


The Key to Happiness: More Work and Less Stuff

Learn to live simply. You will find rewards in surprising places.

Making a Change

How Busy Entrepreneurs Deal With Mundane Tasks

Is there a way to conquer the mountain of minutiae, while still saving your best time for the really important stuff? The answer: Definitely.

Making a Change

3 Keys to Getting Better, More Restful Sleep

Here are ways you can improve your sleep intensity, quality and duration -- and feel awesome in the morning.


3 Millionaire Entrepreneurs You Probably Haven't Heard Of (and How They Did It)

There are plenty of lesser-known successes out there that can teach you a lot.

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How to Make the Best Career Choice for You

Listen to yourself and explore all the possibilities. In the end, you'll know what makes sense.

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Girl Scout Cookie Sales Are Now Clickable

Troops will soon be able to hone their entrepreneurial skills on the Internet.


Energy Management Is the Missing Link to Peak Performance

Managing your time is important, but make sure you're prioritizing high-value tasks.

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Steal Away Your Rival's Unhappy Customers

Our experts explain how you can use customer disloyalty to your advantage.

Business Ideas

Hate Being Stuck Behind a Desk? 7 Business Ideas for You.

If you're driven by getting out and meeting new people, these businesses might be for you.