How To Take Back Control of Your Time

We can't create more time, so let's use it better.


Beat The Clock: How To Make The Most Out Of Your Work Hours

Time management techniques can easily be learned and implemented- here are five tried-and-tested methods you can put to use today.

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Yuvraj Singh - An Icon Whose Goodbye Leaves A Lot Behind

The news of Yuvraj Singh's retirement from international cricket has shaken many but the match winner's life ironically has been all about the highs, lows and making history

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Nykaa: Falguni Nayar's Billion-dollar Dream Turning Into Reality

Nykaa has changed the way India shops for beauty

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Swiggy Timeline: From a Bootstrapped Venture to India's Fastest Growing Unicorn (Infographic)

From a bootstrapped venture to India's most sought-after food tech platform, Swiggy had an inspiring journey

Thought Leaders

4 Mistakes Determined Entrepreneurs Never Make Twice

Learn your lesson the first time.

Social Media

How to Optimize Your Videos for YouTube's Ranking Algorithms

Keep your viewers engaged and keep your video near the top of a YouTube search list.


This Company Found a Way to Sell Something No One Wants to Discuss

Learn the timeline behind Utah's Squatty Potty.


This App Calculates How Much You're Earning While you poop

Ever found yourself sitting comfortably on the ceramic and wondered how much you've earned while you're there? There's an App for that!

Business News

Amid Freak Out, Dorsey Debunks Idea that Twitter Will Become More Like Facebook

Rumors started to spread that Twitter may soon switch to an 'algorithmic' method of displaying tweets by relevance, instead of the current way of showing them in reverse-chronological order.

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This Timeline Explains How the 40-Hour Workweek Came About

The fight for an eight-hour workday began in 1866 and ended in 1940.


The History of Shark Tank (Infographic)

Before there were sharks, there were dragons and tigers.

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Twitter Debuts New 'Recap' Feature That Makes It Feel More Like Facebook

It's meant to help you catch up on the most popular and relevant tweets you may have missed since you last signed onto the platform.


An Entrepreneur's Guide to Dealing With Downtime

Anyone launching a startup must to learn to play the "hurry up and wait" game quite often.