7 Ways Dating Apps Are Lying To You

When people are reduced to a profile picture and bio, it's easy to forget that they are real human beings with complex emotions and experiences.

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Online Dating Scammer Steals $1.8 Million from His Victims. Women 'Fed Lie After Lie.'

Another Tinder Swindler strikes again, promising his romantic hookups lucrative investment opportunities.

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These are the users who use Tinder to spread images of what is happening in Ukraine in Russia

The digital dating platform is still operating normally in Russia and some users have found a way to use it to spread images that the Russian government does not want citizens to see.


Estos son los usuarios que usan Tinder para difundir en Rusia imágenes de lo que sucede en Ucrania

La plataforma digital de citas todavía opera en Rusia con normalidad y algunos usuarios han encontrado el modo de utilizarla para difundir las imágenes que el gobierno ruso no quiere que los ciudadanos vean.


Tinder lanza una forma innovadora para que los usuarios verifiquen sus antecedentes en sus fechas

La aplicación de citas se está asociando con Garbo, una organización sin fines de lucro, en un intento por ayudar a los usuarios a sentirse y encontrar más seguridad.

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Tinder Rolls Out Game-Changing Way For Users to Background Check Their Dates

The dating app is partnering with non-profit Garbo in an attempt to help users feel and find more safety.


Tinder ahora te permitirá hacer una revisión de seguridad de los perfiles

Gracias a una alianza con Garbo, la aplicación ahora ofrece la posibilidad de verificar antecedentes de otros usuarios, pero solo en Estados Unidos.

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Former Youngest Self-Made Billionaire Surprises Employees With Full Week Off

All 700 Bumble employees were told they would have the week of June 21 off, fully paid.

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Indians Prefer Meaningful Relationships Over Hookups: Indian Dating Apps

India is the second-largest revenue market for dating apps, after the US, with $323 million in revenue in 2020 and is expected to reach $454 million in 2021

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Tinder Will Soon Let You Run a Background Check on Potential Partners

For now, it's unclear exactly how this integration will work; there are no details yet on how Tinder users can request a background check.

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Tinder's Face to Face Video Chats Launch Globally

The feature helps bridge the gap between a text chat and a live date

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Tinder is Working on a Panic Button for Dangerous Situations

It can send emergency services straight to your location

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There's a New Version of Tinder Made Just for Cattle (60-Second Video)

Here are three things entrepreneurs should know today.

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Dutch Court Rejects Man's Attempt to Change Legal Age for Tinder

He wanted to be legally declared 20 years younger.