Turnaround Strategies

Growing a Business

Rosetta Stone Was In Trouble. Here's How I Found the Company's Competitive Advantage

The company was once a leader. Then it fell behind. Here's how any leader can find new, overlooked opportunity.

Growing a Business

3 Reasons Why Some Companies Successfully Manage a Turnaround ... and Why Many Don't

Which strategies can help you save your business?


Lessons in Leadership From Tata Africa Holdings' Turnaround

People make a business. When employees are just coming in to get a paycheque, you'll never build the team you need to succeed. Here's how the Servant Leadership model can turn things around.


How OLC Went From R50 Million to R130 Million in 2 Years

When Offlimit Communications faced its first downturn after ten profitable years in business, its leadership team didn't even question that they would turn things around and make them better. Within six months they took the business from massive losses back to profitability, and a year later doubled their pre-losses turnover - all in the middle of a recession. Here's how they did it.


How to Turnaround a Loss-Making Business

A single-minded approach towards increasing revenue is the only way to grow your business and ensure prosperity for your shareholders

Growing a Business

5 Steps to Create an Idea-Generating Culture

No matter where you are as a business, you'll need a culture that you can rely on to generate innovative ideas.


Managers That Get The Most From Their Teams

According to Bain & Co, with a management approach that unlocks the full energy of the organisation, CEOs can turn around a failing business with the people they already have.


This Asian Turnaround Specialist Spun Straw Into Gold

David Pun says the biggest challenge in running a company is people management, finding talent and motivating them

Social Media

What Any Company Can Learn From Twitter's Comeback

Twitter's unexpected return to growth provides lessons for every entrepreneur.

Thought Leaders

This Cosmetics Company CEO Turned a $1 Million Packaging Fail into Quadrupled Sales. Here's How.

Carisa Janes, founder and CEO of Hourglass Cosmetics, had to pull more than 10,000 units of foundation off Sephora's shelves in 2012. She went into fix-it mode and turned things around.


How One of America's Most Beloved Toy Makers Rebounded From Near Death

Wham-O created the Frisbee, Slip 'N Slide and more. Then it fell into disrepair -- until a new leader came along.


Why a Turnaround at Toys R Us Will Tank

Without an effort to transform its brand story, Toys R Us is another retail example of too little, too late.

Growing a Business

5 Business Fundamentals That Helped Me Turn a Company Near Bankruptcy Into One Generating $160 Million in Sales

Using them will make your journey to greatness far less volatile than it needs to be.


The 5 Greatest Lessons I Learned Working With Steve Jobs During the Apple Turnaround

If you're ever given the opportunity to help turn an ailing company around, don't listen to the naysayers. Stick around -- and learn.


The Case for Hiring a Re-Founder Before You Pull the Plug on Your Startup

Founders pursuing their romantic startup vision often need a dispassionate pro to keep things real.