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Is Elon Musk Pushing His Luck? Why Twitter's Rebrand to 'X' Might Resemble These 6 Rebranding Fails

Successful rebrands require a deep understanding of consumer sentiment and a clear vision for the future.

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Is Marketing on Twitter Worth It? 4 Ways to Leverage Twitter In Your Marketing

Twitter may seem secondary for B2B marketing, but if you learn how to utilize Twitter for marketing purposes, you may see improvements in your marketing efforts.

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You are Missing Out if You Don't Use Twitter. Here's 3 Reasons Why.

Twitter is a great social media tool for businesses. Here is why you should be using it.

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Why You Should Make Twitter Spaces Part of Your Business Strategy

Twitter's latest feature can help businesses grow their presence on the platform.

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Without Twitter's 140 Character Limit Brevity Is No Longer the Soul of Wit

Lot's of people have managed to say plenty with 140 characters, but now you can say much, much more.

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Twitter: The Company No One Wants to Buy

Despite a number of high-profile companies looking at Twitter, the social media site simply doesn't make enough money.

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The 140-Character Limit Is Dead. Long Live The 140-Character Limit!

Now, photos, videos, GIFs, polls and Quote Tweets no longer count toward Twitter's limit. How cool is that, marketers?

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Entrepreneur's Take On Twitter's Latest Features

The new policy exempts media attachments such as photos, videos and polls from the character limit, as well as tweets that are quoted in a retweet

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Twitter Live Stream: Social And Media Impact

Twitter is changing; for better or for worse…? That is for you to decide.

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When CEOs Fight: CashKaro Founder Takes to Twitter for pending MobiKwik Payment

CEOs are also using the shaming method to get attention to their problems via Twitter - what's the deal?


Twitter Might Be Expanding Its 140 Character Limit – Sort Of

Twitter may no longer include URLs in its 140 character limit

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What Went Behind a Decade of Tweeting?

Re-discovering the first tweet by Jack Dorsey.

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Handle it #LikeABoss: Does Your Business Have a Social Media Crisis Policy?

In days when clients & customers use social media more than your contact form to complain, are you prepared for the worst?

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6 Ways to Use Social Data for Targeted Marketing

Personalized marketing is all the rage. Use these five data-driven tactics to make sure your marketing messages hit closer to home.

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Twitter Rolls Out Suite of Direct Response Ad Products

The new features are aimed at improving user engagement with direct response ads, encouraging actions such as clicking on a link or downloading an app.