You are Missing Out if You Don't Use Twitter. Here's 3 Reasons Why. Twitter is a great social media tool for businesses. Here is why you should be using it.

By Morissa Schwartz

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I gained over a hundred thousand followers on Twitter this year. While I grew on other social media platforms, there are several reasons none grew as fast as Twitter.

But before we discuss the reasons for my Twitter growth, let's talk about Twitter and its importance.

Twitter is a remarkably open space. With every other platform, it seems that posts are buried. For example, on Facebook, you have to be a part of a group to see the group's posts. You need to be friends with somebody to see those posts. It's the same thing on LinkedIn. Whereas with Twitter, everything is out in the open and public.

That means that you have a lot more visibility. If you are a business, it's a good idea to have the face of your company presented on Twitter. For example, Tesla has 16.5 million followers, whereas Elon Musk, the face of that company, has quadrupled that with 102.5 million. This proves that people are more interested in following people than companies in many cases. And your company is probably no different.

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How to succeed on Twitter

I recommend posting regularly on your personal Twitter account and promoting business dealings through that account.

Twitter is also great for SEO. It comes up at the top of search engines because of how frequently it's updated. If you're looking for an excellent way to improve your SEO and your PR, Twitter is your tool. Now, in the way that I grew to over 100,000 followers, I started finding and sharing viral content daily.

Step #1 — Interact with others.

On Twitter, I used to be in my little world where I would promote my projects and my interests — things of that nature — and I grew at a glacial pace because it wasn't attractive to people. There wasn't shareability to my account. But then, I started growing when I engaged more with my community and found videos I knew my followers and other people would enjoy.

That's almost like a freebie in a funnel. A follower sees a viral video that I shared, and now they're going to follow me. Then, they will trust me and be more interactive when I share something self-promotional. That's the first step. After that, it's engaging with others and finding those viral videos.

Step #2 — Collaborate with influencers

I met people with much larger accounts than mine and started working with them. So when I would post, they would share those posts with their followers — often, our followers were similar — and they would say, "Oh, man! She has cool stuff, too. Let's follow her." It's essential to work with others. Whether you collaborate or pay influencers to promote you, they are a significant investment in the long term.

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Step #3 — Be consistent

I post at least ten times a day. I post personal posts to help my followers get to know me better.

I post and retweet viral posts often. It's great for engagement — it's called social media for a reason! I post about my businesses and my services. Also, I ask my followers questions to learn more about them, which helps them feel more heard and allows me to cater my content to their interests.

For example, I created a poll where I asked my followers where they were from, and almost 8,000 people responded with their location in the world. Now that I know and I have a better understanding of who my followers are, I can post content that appeals more to them.

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Twitter is suitable for international audiences.

Not all applications are available in all countries. For example, TikTok has been banned in some countries, so people use Twitter to access fun content.

So I cater some of my content to people in those other countries. They're excited to see videos and other things that they wouldn't usually be able to see on other platforms.

In conclusion

With Twitter, we can grow organically by creating alliances with influencers, discovering people who share our interests and promoting our business or company. Twitter provides an opportunity to show our human side and empathize with others. Add to that the fact that it's excellent for SEO because it is frequently updated and has a preference with search engines, and you have a tool far too powerful to ignore.

Many people say that Twitter is a social network full of hate and bad vibes, but for me, Twitter is the social network with which you can most easily interact honestly and organically. You're likely to have a long and positive relationship with your followers and even find that you have more in common than you think!

Twitter is a fantastic social media and marketing tool. Any business owner should seriously consider investing time and effort into maintaining a Twitter account. I didn't hear it from a little birdie; I see it every day. Give these tips a try, and let me know how it goes.

Morissa Schwartz

Owner of Dr. Rissy's Writing & Marketing

Dr. Morissa Schwartz is the proud owner of top-ranked marketing company Dr. Rissy's Writing & Marketing. She was named one of "Forbes 30 Under 30" honorees in media. She also owns GenZ Publishing, a book-publishing company, which has produced 15 Amazon bestsellers.

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