Avoid These 9 Pitch Deck Mistakes When Asking Others For Money

Crafting an efficient pitch deck requires serious effort, but at least it's not wandering in the dark since certain rules are shaped by decades of relationships between startups and investors.

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Embrace Change or Miss Out On Money — 5 Trends to Know in Venture Capital This Year

The VC landscape is changing, and successful investors will be the ones who embrace the change and move with it.


A 5-Step Survival Guide to Fundraising for a Niche Industry

Raising investment rounds in these tumultuous times is like navigating a storm. Founders have to be especially thoughtful when it comes to crafting a pitch that will keep their company sailing straight.


La gran apuesta de los fondos de inversión extranjeros por el talento latinoamericano

Los empresarios se sienten atraídos porque todavía existen muchos sectores donde, en comparación con otros países, la oferta de productos y servicios no coincide con su demanda.


How to Raise Funds as a Startup in a High Interest Rate Market

Traditional bank loans may not be the best option for startups. Entrepreneurs need to consider these alternatives to secure the funding they need to launch their business.

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3 Ways for Women Tech Founders to Secure Funding

New research identifies strategies to help women access the startup capital they need to grow.

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Chintan Kothari Appointed as Partner at Eight Roads Ventures in India

Chintan joins Eight Roads from Avendus Capital where he led the healthcare vertical for their investment banking business


Karthik Reddy: The Intelligent Investor

The co-founder and partner at Blume Ventures talks about the vision of the $250-million Fund IV. He is on Entrepreneur India's Digital Cover for January 2023


Startup Founders: Don't be Afraid of an Old-Fashioned Loan to Fund Your Business

Over the last few years, the idea of taking on debt versus raising equity capital was anathema to most founders, given how freely venture capital flowed. But debt is a viable and safe alternative to VC funding. Here's why.


4 Crucial Indicators To Know Before Seeking Venture Capital Funding

Are you thinking of raising VC money in this environment? Ask your marketing team for these four crucial indicators before pitching.


The Rise Of Financial Data Startups In India

It is not just the biggest names in financial data; the onset of the digital revolution has cultivated new ways of information access leading to the birth of state-of-the-art financial data startups

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TVS Capital Funds Appoints Anuradha Ramachandran as Managing Partner

TVS Capital Funds has been strengthening its leadership

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You Don't Need VC Funding to Grow Your Startup. Here's How to Turn Customers Into Investors.

Only time will tell whether today's downturn and VC hesitancy is fleeting. Either way, there's no reason to stagnate.

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Looking for Funding for Your Business? You Should Know About Venture Debt.

Looking for a smart way to secure financing for your company? Here's everything you need to know about venture debt.

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CoinSwitch Launches Web3 Discovery Fund

The fund will invest in and incubate early-stage startups building blockchain solutions for the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape.