Looking for Funding for Your Business? You Should Know About Venture Debt.

Looking for a smart way to secure financing for your company? Here's everything you need to know about venture debt.

CoinSwitch Launches Web3 Discovery Fund

The fund will invest in and incubate early-stage startups building blockchain solutions for the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape.

How to Show VCs Your Business Brings Irreplaceable Value

Even though we're all worried about a possible economic downturn, investors will still be looking to invest in companies - they'll just be more selective in which ones they choose. Here's how to prove your business is worth investing in.

Donna Griffit

Esta es la clave para un capital de riesgo verdaderamente 'amigable con los fundadores'

La mayoría de los fondos de capital de riesgo se describen a sí mismos como "amigos de los fundadores". Pero, ¿qué significa exactamente la frase?

Eva Yazhari


2021 has proved the importance of building sustainable businesses on solid foundations and we're deploying investment capital with a closer alignment of purpose and profit going forward: Sandeep Murthy

Saptak Bardhan

The Equalizing Factor

The next 3-5 years will remain a very exciting time to be a founder given the funding landscape, access to technology but what will be a challenge for founders is recruiting & retaining good talent and living up to valuation expectations: Prantik Mazumdar

An insider's view from the growth fund within Google's parent company

CapitalG's Sumi Das on being a growth-stage investor focused on healthcare tech and fintech

Businesses Should Scale for Passion, Not Investors

Entrepreneurial passion is too often lost when business leaders are forced to chase hyperscale growth targets.

Carmine Bruno

Lightspeed Venture to Start Operations in Singapore to Scale Up Its Southeast Asia Investments

The early stage venture capital firm will dig into its global fund of USD 4 billion, which was closed in April this year, to invest in the Southeast Asian market, with key focus on Indonesia and Singapore

Shipra Singh

Reflections While #StayingHome: Three Measures Of Success In The Time Of COVID-19

The current situation is teaching us that the meaning of progress and success are very much functions of our macro environment.

U.S.-based VC Firm Launches $100 Million Fund Focused to Invest in Southeast Asia

The fund is looking to invest in 15 to 20 companies based in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, India, Australia and New Zealand

5 Unconventional Ways to Attract VCs

Knowing how to approach VCs is critical in succeeding in both gaining their attention and closing an investment

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