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5 Qualities VCs Look for in Your Startup Team

Investors are interested in your great idea but more interested in the talent and cohesion of the people charged with making it profitable.

Tx Zhuo

· 4 min read

The Year in Startup Funding (Infographic)

A snapshot of how entrepreneurs found funding for their companies in 2014 and which industries attracted the most dollars.

Carly Okyle

· 1 min read

Super Angels Answer the Prayers of Startups Starved for Funding

A new class of investor with the agility and vision that VCs seem to have lost are investing in hundreds of promising young companies.

Martin Zwilling

· 4 min read

Staying Out of the Shark Tank: What To Consider When Choosing Investors

Here are a few tips to make your experience with investors a positive one that provides a boost to the business.

Paul Mandell

· 4 min read

4 Reasons Not to Confuse Early-Stage Money for Success

The rigors of bootstrapping your startup shape company culture, compel innovation and keep control where you want it, in your hands.

Jan Verleur

· 5 min read

How to Make Your Cash and the Investor's Patience Last Until You're Profitable

Ask investors for more than you think you need, because you're probably optimistic, and spend slower than you planned, because you're a realist.

Martin Zwilling

· 5 min read

Founders: When Fundraising, Ask for More Than You Think You'll Need

To preserve equity, fight for a higher valuation rather than paring back much-needed cash.

Sam Hogg

· 3 min read

Want to Get a VC's Attention? Make Sure You Do These 6 Things.

Raising capital is perhaps the most difficult challenge any entrepreneur faces in starting a business. Here are a few tips to make it less daunting.

David Drake

· 4 min read

11 Things You're Probably Too Polite to Tell the VC Who Wasted Your Time

There is nothing like a few meetings with insincere, boastful investors to encourage your embrace of the lean startup strategy.

Gabe Lozano

· 6 min read

The 7 Due Diligence Basics for Investing in a Startup

There is only so much an investor can due to reduce risk, so be sure to do all of it.

Murray Newlands

· 4 min read