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Go Big Or Go Home: More Middle Eastern Boldness Is Needed To Break "The Scale-Up Ceiling"

VCs investing in the region have been right to be cautious so far, but now it's time for them to show a little Middle Eastern boldness of their own.

Venture Capital Makes Steady Comeback in Wake of Pandemic Dip

In the third quarter, VC investments in U.S.-based companies were up 22 percent year-over-year.

Alexander Vuocolo

Why A Carefully Thought-Out Term Sheet Can Be The Magic Bullet For VC Success

With venture capitalists (VCs), it's very important to get down to the venture capital term sheet as soon as you can.

Megha Merani

The Role Of Soft Facts In Investment Decision-Making

CSR, diversity, employee engagement, and retention -the non-financial and non-market related factors, the soft facts until recently were little more than a box-ticking exercise for investors– have taken on a renewed prominence in any VC's decision-making process.

How PR Helps Startups Attract VCs Remotely

Launching a thoughtful PR campaign can help startups connect with VCs.

Katie Griffing

VCs Consider This Trait Most Important When Choosing Entrepreneurs to Invest In

The eight stages of the entrepreneurial journey - and why VCs care.

Alon Braun

SEC Expands Accredited Investor Rule

More investors will qualify to make investments into startups, venture companies and funds and private offerings.

Mat Sorensen

With Byju's, OYO, Ola in its Kitty, Sequoia is the Top Investor in India

Sequoia Capital India is the top investor on the Hurun India top unicorn investors list 2020 with eight unicorns investments, followed by Softbank, Steadview Capital and Saif Partners

Shipra Singh

How Entrepreneurs Can Scale And Save Money Without Startup Capital

If you're not getting rewarded for every dollar you spend, you're doing it wrong

Immanuel Debeer

ADIO And ADQ To Drive More Investments Towards Abu Dhabi's Technology Ecosystem

Using a combination of equity investments and incentives, ADQ and ADIO aim to provide opportunities to avail Abu Dhabi's digital infrastructure, regulatory framework, and R&D initiatives.

The Average Age Of Investors Is Declining: Nikhil Kamath

Sticking to large-cap companies will be beneficial for investors in the long run, according to the co-founder of Zerodha and True Beacon

Jyoti Valecha

5 Deal-Breakers Founders Say When Raising Capital

Do you make these mistakes when pitching investors? Here's a cheat sheet for founders

Sam Tabar