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How Venture Capital Can Help Young People Make an Impact

Gen Z and millennials are more purpose-driven than ever before. From ESG investing to supporting social entrepreneurs, there are a number of ways that venture capitalists can help young people make an impact.

Con inversión en la startup Vestuá, H&M busca impulsar el mercado "second hand" en México

El gigante de la moda H&M invierte en una startup latinoamericana para impulsar la economía circular apoyando el mercado 'second hand'.

Weave Capital Announces $75 Million Venture Fund

The fund aims to build a portfolio of 15 to 20 startups with an average ticket size of $3 to $3.5 million

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4 Questions Venture Capital Investors Will Ask in Your Pitch (and How to Answer Them)

Pitching your idea to venture capitalists can be intimidating. Prepare yourself with answers to these crucial questions.

¿Qué pueden hacer los founders latinoamericanos ante la reducción de las inversiones de Venture Capital en la región?

América Latina ha sido la región más afectada por las actuales condiciones del mercado, ¿Existen razones fundamentales para que las startups latinas sigan viendo el futuro con optimismo? Algunos creen que sí.

3 Tips for Fundraising in a Time of Uncertainty

The mood in money and tech circles has changed these past few months, from utter euphoria to panic and doom. The market is now sobering up and investors may be less generous. Here are some tips for fundraising in these times of uncertainty.

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3 Ways to Raise Capital and Take Your Business to the Next Level

Capital funding can provide the lift you need to reach that crucial new phase.

Is the Economic Downturn Actually Upon Us? Here's What We Know (and What We Don't).

The economic downturn remains a prediction, not a reality. Navigate the hysteria by discerning fact from forecast.

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Ah! Ventures Sets Up INR 150 Crore To Empower Startups

Driven by innovation and startup focus, the ah! Ventures Fund is promising a great opportunity for bold startups, ready to make a dent

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Entrepreneur First Raises $158 Million in Series C Funding From Global Alliance of Tech Founders

EF will target a direct investment of $100m over the next three years in hundreds of entrepreneurs, and will continue building out its talent product suite

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IAMAI Forms Committee To Address Issues Faced By VC Firms

The committee will play an essential role in highlighting sector-specific challenges faced by portfolio companies of VC firms

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