Venture Capital

What VCs Look for in a Startup Investment

As an experienced investor, I know what to look for in a startup investment to ensure a positive financial return.

Anis Uzzaman

Can You Scale a Startup Without Venture Investment?

When most people think about startups, they usually think about businesses that receive some type of venture funding -- but there are many startups that start and scale without it, and the source of venture funding is changing.

Sean Miller

This news can revolutionize investment in startups

Recently, Sequoia, one of the leading funds in venture capital investments, has notified about a radical change to the structure of its fund. What would this look like for your business?

Attention entrepreneurs and startups, this is how Corporate Venture Capital invests in Mexico according to study

A recent study revealed that Corporate Venture Capitals in Mexico are increasingly involved in financing startups and entrepreneurs with innovative business models.

Mairem Del Río

How are SMEs capitalized in Mexico? Know the panorama of access to entrepreneurial capital

Private equity funds rank second as the main source of funding, only after banks and almost on a par with providers, who previously were the main sources of leverage for SMEs.

How PR Can Attract Investors and Add Value to Your Startup

If you're looking to get your startup funded, here's how to use PR to attract investors.

Jaguar Ventures is now Wollef and looking to raise $ 100 million for its third fund

Wollef is the only Mexican VC with four unicorns in its portfolio: Kavak, Konfío, Loft and Nubank.

What You Need to Know About VC-Favored Structures vs. Founder-Favored Structures

Here's how to identify and negotiate a structure that is in your best interest.

Mital Makadia

Businesses Should Scale for Passion, Not Investors

Entrepreneurial passion is too often lost when business leaders are forced to chase hyperscale growth targets.

Carmine Bruno

Why Raising Corporate Venture Capital Benefits Startups

Corporate venture capital offers a successful model that benefits both startups and corporate investors.

Anis Uzzaman