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Growth Strategies

India-Headquartered Stride Ventures Forays Into The GCC With US$1 Million Venture Debt Investment In UAE-Based Maalexi

The Stride Ventures team believe that there are quite a few traditional sectors in the GCC region that are not only ripe for technological innovation but also offer plenty of growth opportunities.

Money & Finance

What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About Raising Capital

Entrepreneurs aiming to establish thriving businesses must grasp the various types of capital available. By understanding these options, entrepreneurs can strategically raise funds to fuel growth, retain control or utilize assets effectively. This knowledge equips them to navigate market fluctuations, meet investor expectations and tailor financing strategies to their business needs.

Growth Strategies

Debt Funding to Propel the Ecosystem

Founded in 2019, Stride Ventures, a venture debt firm has emerged as one of the largest and most active of its kind in India.


Propelled By Growth: Leo Capital Founder And Managing Partner Rajul Garg

Leo Capital has a unique focus- it aims to help companies access affordable and specialized talent in India, and also to enter the US market.

News and Trends

Quidich Innovation Labs Secure Centre Court Capital Investment in Series A

Centre Court Capital, a venture capital firm, announced its investment in Quidich Innovation Labs, co-founded by Rahat Kulshreshtha and Gaurav Mehta.


Profitability Creates Optionality: Property Finder Founder And CEO Michael Lahyani

With the journey their enterprises were on together coming to an end, Lahyani reflects on the successful founder-investor relationship he had with BECO Capital founder and CEO Dany Farha.


Unveiling The Secrets Of Silicon Valley: A Playbook For Cultivating Vibrant Venture Ecosystems Worldwide

Delve into the historical elements that have propelled Silicon Valley to the forefront of global innovation, and uncover invaluable insights for cultivating thriving venture ecosystems worldwide.


Meet the Visionary Transforming Venture Capital with a Decentralized Approach

The idea of BasedVC was born out of the need to help launch Web3 startups. Meet Rudy De La Cruz, the man who heads strategy at the firm.


Arkangeles: promoviendo la diversificación de portafolios con inversiones alternativas

La escasez de capital ha frenado la innovación y el emprendimiento, ante este panorama los modelos de crowdfunding se han reinventado como una alternativa viable para el financiamiento de startups en Latinoamérica.


How Corporate Investment Helps Startups Deploy Technology Faster Than Ever

Financial resources, strategic alignment, access to expertise, market validation and operational support make this deployment possible.

Starting a Business

How Much Capital Does Your Startup Need? Here Are 7 Key Factors to Consider.

Here's what you need to assess when determining the amount of capital your startup needs — and how adequate funding can enhance your chances of success.

Science & Technology

A Leading VC Firm Has Secured €170 Million from NATO Innovation Fund to Boost European Deep Tech

OTB Ventures' investments span space technology, artificial intelligence, fintech infrastructure, and cybersecurity.

Starting a Business

6 Effective Funding Strategies for Startups

Navigating startup financing is complex. Entrepreneurs find themselves at the crossroads of innovation and survival, where a single decision can either fuel their dreams or extinguish their aspirations. Here we look at six ways you can finance your startup to support your business for long-term success.

News and Trends

Synapses Launches USD 125 Mn Climate and Health Venture Fund

The New Delhi-based venture capital firm aims to use the limitless potential of human intelligence, business, and teamwork to address the climate change crisis that the world is currently facing.

Starting a Business

How to Navigate the Choppy Waters of Startup Valuation

In a landscape where down rounds are rising and a good business idea doesn't always equal financial gain, entrepreneurs must navigate the tricky waters of valuation with a clear-eyed approach to secure the funding they need.