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Ah! Ventures Sets Up INR 150 Crore To Empower Startups

Driven by innovation and startup focus, the ah! Ventures Fund is promising a great opportunity for bold startups, ready to make a dent

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Entrepreneur First Raises $158 Million in Series C Funding From Global Alliance of Tech Founders

EF will target a direct investment of $100m over the next three years in hundreds of entrepreneurs, and will continue building out its talent product suite

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IAMAI Forms Committee To Address Issues Faced By VC Firms

The committee will play an essential role in highlighting sector-specific challenges faced by portfolio companies of VC firms

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With A Focus On Corporate Governance, Indian Startups Have Potential To Generate 100 Million New Jobs, Says Rajan Anandan

He also expressed the concerns on the changing market growth dynamics with high inflation and interest rates


In It To Win It: Four Areas Entrepreneurs Need To Address To Ensure The Success Of Their Startups

While it's easy to focus on the financial aspects of a business plan to secure investment, there are other key areas that are often overlooked.


How to Sell Your Story Through Your Pitch Deck

Venture capitalists' attention spans are at their shortest, but a concise, attractive and effective pitch deck can catch their interest.

Money & Finance

Why Power Law Portfolio Construction Will Always Be Dead on Arrival in the Venture Capital Industry

Exposing the flaws in the venture capital investment philosophy adopted by far too many VC firms in the industry.

Business News

Binance Raises $500 Million to Invest in Web3 As Digital Currency Market Plunges

The world's largest cryptocurrency exchange is launching its own venture capital fund.

Starting a Business

The Importance of Synergistic Capital for Early-Stage Companies

Why being strategic in raising capital is important for early-stage founders


How to Get Funding: The Dos and Don'ts of Raising Capital From Investors

Marcel Bens, Managing Partner at Emil Capital Partners, breaks down the strategies to get the results you want.

News and Trends

JPIN Launches Strategic Funds with a Combined Value of $150 million

Funds comprise a $130 million JPIN Global Fund in United Kingdom and $20 million JPIN India Fund in India

Thought Leaders

How to Know Which Investors to Let Into Your Inner Circle

For startup founders, it can be hard to determine which investors to keep as close advisors and which ones fit better as more passive players. What founders choose here can make all the difference, so it's important to get it right.

Buying / Investing in Business

The Importance of Recognizing the Right Investor

As startups race to get their products and services to market and scale their businesses, investors play an important role.

Thought Leaders

7 Tips for Startup Founders From an Entrepreneur Who Turned VC

Pitching to venture capitalists, understanding their motivation and the main "don'ts" that make an entrepreneur's path smoother.

Money & Finance

This Is the Key to Truly 'Founder-Friendly' Venture Capital

Most venture-capital funds describe themselves as "founder friendly." But what does the phrase mean, exactly?