Venture Capitalists

This Ghostwriter Made $200,000 Last Year Writing Tweets for Venture Capitalists

One man's side hustle makes him more money than his day job, and only costs him five hours a week of his time.

Venture Capitalists are Pouring Money into Web3. Here's Why.

Venture capital firms invested $33 billion in crypto and blockchain startups in 2021 and are on pace to nearly double that in 2022. Here's why VCs are so enamored by Web3.

Arnav Pagidyala

4 Questions Venture Capital Investors Will Ask in Your Pitch (and How to Answer Them)

Pitching your idea to venture capitalists can be intimidating. Prepare yourself with answers to these crucial questions.

How to Show VCs Your Business Brings Irreplaceable Value

Even though we're all worried about a possible economic downturn, investors will still be looking to invest in companies - they'll just be more selective in which ones they choose. Here's how to prove your business is worth investing in.

Donna Griffit

3 Ways to Raise Capital and Take Your Business to the Next Level

Capital funding can provide the lift you need to reach that crucial new phase.

How to Sell Your Story Through Your Pitch Deck

Venture capitalists' attention spans are at their shortest, but a concise, attractive and effective pitch deck can catch their interest.

Dan Conner

How to Leverage a Nontech Background (and Fight Imposter Syndrome)

Having a nontraditional background can be the secret to creating value in tech and attracting funding. The key is to understand how to leverage your unique skills.

Douglas Wilber

Why Most Wellness Companies Fail

The reason that so many wellness companies fail is that they fail to understand the core mechanics of how people perceive wellness

Aanan Khurma

US-based Micro VC Rise Capital Launches Operations In India

The investment company plans to back early-stage startups

Akshit Pushkarna

Why Strategic Venture Capital is Thriving in a Founder's Market

Let's take a closer look at why strategic capital is thriving in today's venture environment, how startups can benefit from strategic capital, and how corporate executives investing in startups can make their organizations more innovative.

Anis Uzzaman

What VCs Look for in a Startup Investment

As an experienced investor, I know what to look for in a startup investment to ensure a positive financial return.

Anis Uzzaman

What You Need to Know About VC-Favored Structures vs. Founder-Favored Structures

Here's how to identify and negotiate a structure that is in your best interest.

Mital Makadia