Volvo to Go All Electric by 2019

The move marks 'the historic end of cars that only have an internal combustion engine.'

Angela Moscaritolo

· 2 min read

Volvo's Self-Driving Cars Confused by Kangaroos in Australia

Volvo's self-driving cars use the ground as a reference point for distance, and the kangaroo's hopping makes it hard to determine how far away they are.

Angela Moscaritolo

· 2 min read

5 Surprising Things to Come Out of the Detroit Auto Show

From self-driving 'platforms' to notions of 'mobility,' this year's annual auto event reveals new priorities for manufacturers.

Lydia Belanger

· 6 min read

You Won't Believe This Luxe New Car Is a Volvo

It has a built-in refrigerator and crystal glassware.

Entrepreneur Staff

· 2 min read

Volvo and Uber Team Up to Develop Self-Driving Cars

Volvo has agreed to a $300 million alliance with Uber to develop self-driving cars.


· 3 min read

China Bans Autonomous Car Testing (for Now)

China wants car makers to stop testing until new regulations are in place.

Don Reisinger

· 2 min read

With Apple's 'CarPlay,' the Race for Flashier In-Car Touchscreen Controls Revs Up

You'll never have to look down at your iPhone again while driving because your car will be an iPhone on wheels.

Kim Lachance Shandrow

· 3 min read