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Track Weather and Air Quality with This $40 Storm Watch Radar Subscription

Use it to plan out business trips and operations with increased knowledge.

Life Hacks

Get Ahead of the Weather with This Intuitive App — Now More Than $100 Off

This weather app goes well beyond the normal forecast and it's just $39.99 for life now.

Business News

Researchers: El Niño Could Lead to the Spread of Infectious Diseases. 'We Have to Prepare Ourselves.'

The weather phenomena has the potential to fuel pathogen-carrying mosquitoes, bacteria, and toxic algae.


Bad Weather Won't Ruin Your Vacation Anymore — One Company Will Pay You to Enjoy It Rain or Shine

Nick Cavanaugh founded Sensible Weather to solve an all-too-common problem and bring awareness to climate change.

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'Check On Your People, Things Aren't Good': Devastating Storm Creates Gas Shortage in South Florida

Drivers in South Florida are dealing with long lines and empty pumps.


A 'Bomb Cyclone' Threatens to Make Holiday Travel a Nightmare

A powerful winter blizzard is expected to paralyze much of the U.S. with heavy snow, high winds, and freezing temperatures.

Growing a Business

The Rise in Natural Disasters Is Putting More Businesses at Risk. Are You Protected?

Natural disasters are devastating and can shut down your business if you aren't prepared for them. Here's how to protect yourself and your business.

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Climate Change Almost Threatened the Fate of This Thanksgiving Staple

An exceptionally warm summer nearly triggered a shortage of this beloved Thanksgiving side.

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6 Deaths Confirmed After Tornado Hits Amazon Warehouse in Illinois

Witnesses said workers were caught off guard and had to seek shelter quickly.

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A Snowstorm in Denmark Led Ikea Customers, Staff to Spend the Night in the Store

Those trapped inside made the best of their bad-weather situation, watching television and enjoying the department store's food.

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3 Severe Weather Events Predicted to Batter the U.S. This Week

The week kicked off with a 'bomb cyclone' in California, and a nor'easter could hit the East Coast over the next 48 hours.

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Extreme Cold Snap Causes T-Mobile Outages in Texas and Other Parts of the U.S.

AT&T and Verizon appear to be having some issues as well.

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How to Survive a Blackout: 6 Things You Need to Build an Emergency Tech Kit

When the power goes out, these devices will keep you going during an emergency, be it a hurricane, preemptive wildfire blackout, or other natural disaster.

Business News

How Entrepreneurs Can Help Developing Countries Hard Hit by Climate Change

There is plenty of opportunity to do good and do well helping to soften the blow.