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This NFT Collection Connects Sustainable Fashion, Concept Art And Blockchain

Boredpuma has launched this first-ever NFT collection, The Celestial Collection, to hit the Middle East market

Science & Technology

How Web 3.0 is Changing Social Media and the Online World As We Know It

Web 3.0 internet is going to shake up social media and provide an opportunity for decentralized ownership.

News and Trends

Nazara Technologies Invests $2.5 Million in US-based Gaming, Web3 Fund BITKRAFT Ventures

BITKRAFT operates five venture funds with a total of over $570 million in assets under management and has over 80 companies in its global portfolio as of January 2022.

News and Trends

Kandola Raises $450,000 in Pre-Seed Funding Round Led By Arcanum Capital and AlphaWave Global

Funds will be utilized to solidify underlying technologies through research and development, and for team expansion

Thought Leaders

3 Tips to Take Advantage of the Future Web 3.0 Decentralized Infrastructure

The industry may be lucrative, but there are many unknown variables and it's still in the early stages of development.

Science & Technology

What You Need to Know About Ethereum's Role in Web 3.0 and the Metaverse

This now-seven-year-old decentralized and open-source blockchain has taken center stage in the growing metaverse.


4 formas en que Blockchain puede transformar los seguros

Los avances en esta tecnología revolucionaria están impulsando la innovación en la industria de los seguros, incluida la cobertura de cultivos, retrasos en los vuelos y viajes, envíos y eventos en vivo.

Science & Technology

4 Ways Blockchain Can Transform Insurance

Advancements in this breakthrough technology are spurring innovation across the insurance industry, including coverage for crops, flights and travel delays, shipping and live events.


Por qué cada vez más empresas están adoptando la Web 3.0

La frase "Web 3.0" está zumbando ahora, pero ¿cómo afectará a los emprendedores? Es mucho mejor de lo que crees.

Science & Technology

Why More and More Companies Are Embracing Web 3.0

The phrase "Web 3.0" is buzzing now, but how will it affect entrepreneurs? It's much better than you think.


Los emprendedores deberían adoptar la Web 3.0

Esta tecnología, que alguna vez fue nueva, inicialmente puso nerviosa a la gente, pero ahora prácticamente todas las empresas dependen de ella, y se convertirá en algo aún más crucial para el funcionamiento de las empresas.

Science & Technology

Entrepreneurs Should Embrace Web 3.0

This once-new technology initially made people nervous, but now virtually all businesses are reliant upon it, and it's set to become even more crucial to the way companies function.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

The New Wave of Web 3.0 Metaverse Innovations

The metaverse is set to fundamentally change the way we interact with the digital world.


La nueva ola de innovaciones del metaverso de la Web 3.0

El metaverso está configurado para cambiar fundamentalmente la forma en que interactuamos con el mundo digital.