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How the Crypto Community Is Becoming More Social

ROLA, the first Web 3.0 social media app created to cater to the crypto community, offers not only fun user engagement but the chance to earn rewards as well


How This NFT Project Gained a Big Following After Releasing Gameplay Trailer

Mutant Musks is touted as the next bluechip project in NFT gaming


Web3.0: The Next Big Thing?

The core principle of decentralisation in the Web 3.0 helps enable blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, metaverse, etc


Why Reliable And Authentic News Is Important In NFT And Metaverse World

Asif Hameed, CEO and founder at NFTStudio24.com, shares his thoughts on the importance of reliable and authentic news in NFT and metaverse world


Alternative Investments In the Metaverse

While primary focus is on consumer aspects of the metaverse, it's equally important to explore the investment opportunities that come along with it


'Global Economy Can Be Fixed By Digital Transformation And Blockchain Technology'

Justin Sun on post-COVID economic crisis, food safety, environment protection, food safety and security, IP protection on coronavirus vaccines, e-commerce moratorium on customs duties, and trade facilitation


This Company Has Introduced an NFT Software Licensing Model, And It's a Disruption

CleverFiles is using NFTs to address issues related to software licensing models that impact vendors and users


This Blockchain Bucked the Bearish Crypto Trend

With Everscale's advanced technological backbone, the project is able to prosper in the current challenging market context


Rich Gameplay From Traditional Gaming Comes To Play-to-earn Crypto Games

Undeads is creating a blockchain-based open world that will be separated on two parts, where zombies and survived humans will be always in conflict

Science & Technology

Web 3.0 Will Fundamentally Change Tech — Once We Cross the Chasm

New technologies come and go. Will Web 3.0 last?

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0: How These Entrepreneurs Made the Switch

Even established players are joining the blockchain revolution. You should as well.


Custody Services Are Becoming Increasingly Important In the Crypto And Blockchain Sector

This is due to a number of reasons, but the biggest one could very well be the seemingly overwhelming number of attacks, hacks and exploits


Hyper-realistic Characters Will Add Subtle Value To This Advanced Metaverse Environment

MetaNept's partnership with Realiz3D brings hyper-realism to the space of blockchain


Vitalik Buterin habla de los SBT's, tokens vinculados al alma. ¿Qué son y para qué sirven? Aquí te lo explicamos

El creador de Ethereum ha puesto sobre la mesa un concepto digital similar a los NFT's que podría transformar para siempre al mundo laboral. ¿De qué se trata?


Understanding the Blockchain-Based Micro-Economy For Content Creators And Influencers

Blockchain expert, Sergey Sevantsyan, shares about the new project, MediaCoin, he is leading that just about everyone seems to be talking about