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Rich Gameplay From Traditional Gaming Comes To Play-to-earn Crypto Games Undeads is creating a blockchain-based open world that will be separated on two parts, where zombies and survived humans will be always in conflict

By John Stanly

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An NFT trend that has garnered a lot of traction so far this year is GameFi. GameFi is a fusion of the words game and finance. It refers to play-to-earn blockchain games that offer various earning opportunities to players. The GameFi ecosystem uses cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology to create a virtual gaming environment for the ultimate monetizable gaming experience.

What Is Undeads?

Undeads is the first MMORPG survival game on the blockchain offering the wide selecton of play-to-earn mechanics in the post-apocalyptic metaverse. Undeads game is powered on 12 smart-contracts that are used to enable players benefit from the metaverse economy by trading, owning, renting, crafting in-game assets, mining resources and battling with other players for crypto.

The team behind Undeads is creating a blockchain-based open world that will be separated on two parts, where zombies and survived humans will be always in conflict. In this play-to-earn game, users can become a true metaverse entrepreneurs by establishing relationship with others and uniting in groups in the Undeads virtual world. For example, players can employ others to completing some in-game tasks such as crafting a weapon or constructing a building depending on skills and profession of the employed person.

To join the Undeads community, the user needs to own a playable character, which is tokenized and can be purchased as NFT when the mint launches. The cartoon-styled NFT is a pass to the Undeads game. Each owner of the NFT zombie or human will have the playable 3D cinematic character that duplicates the appearance of cartoon-style handcrafted 2D NFT art. The projects also allow users to mint new NFTs before the game's release. This is done by breeding a male and female NTFs to create a new character called Zombaby. Zombaby is simply a zombie kid that can be used for staking to grow up and transform to aged playable zombie character.

The project also promises real-world economy elements such as construction, owning land plots, VIP mansions, vehicles, weapons, battles, resource mining, and participation in leaderboards with regular crypto prizes. Undeads is led by a diverse, experienced, and multitalented international team united by a shared vision: to create an exciting post-apocalyptic world with rich gameplay full of adventures and earning opportunities for crypto community and mainstream gamers.

The ultimate goal of the Undeads team is to tap into the wider metaverse community to give players a chance to engage with the broader blockchain ecosystem while also supporting the wider community through airdrops and other promotional opportunities. Additionally, they plan to bring a flavorful gaming experience to the crypto space in what they hope it will be the first of many blockchain-based games with exceptional number of mechanics and borderless monetization opportunities for the Undeads players.

This game is worth attention because of its unique concept that combines multiple genres and engages players who is strived to earn crypto or just have fun. The team is determined to create an immersive gaming experience with the use of the most up-to-date technologies and partner with leading companies in the industry. The project has initial funding, a loyal and experienced team on board, an innovative idea, a concrete plan, and has already taken steps in the right direction to start the mint in Q4 2022 and announce their GameFi product in 2023.

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John Stanly

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