How This NFT Project Gained a Big Following After Releasing Gameplay Trailer Mutant Musks is touted as the next bluechip project in NFT gaming

By John Stanly

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NFT trends have emerged as one of the most profound innovations in the world today. These new technologies are impacting how people and companies do business, but only a few have been able to keep up with these developments. With the metaverse growing in popularity, more companies are starting to recognize the implications of NFT in the VR/AR industry. As a result, many projects are surfacing that offer a new outlook to the NFT community through their unique solutions to our many issues. From gamification to scalability, NFTs are being developed in various ways; it's almost like a competition to see who can come up with the best solution.

One of the most exciting projects, Mutant Musks, has given itself a unique way to stand out as one of the leading new developments in the NFT space. With a 10,000 NFT collection inspired by Elon Musk. Their aim is to disrupt the market and develop a genuinely new side to the word "Metaverse" with their Intergalactic Competitive Shooter Experience. The plotline of the story begins when humans commence their settlement on the Red Planet of Mars. A professional team of developers are working on the game using the world's best game development platform, Unreal Engine 5.

Mutant Musks aims to differentiate themselves from other NFT projects by offering many benefits to its holders, such as - trading royalties, access to the game demo, giveaways, competitions and a lot more.

This project has been under development since January 2022. The three founders share a passion for crypto and NFTs with the integration of blockchain technology into gaming. With Mutant Musks, they intend to combine blockchain technology with an existing market.

The idea behind Mutant Musks is based on one core concept: Bringing together a group of people with a common interest in using NFT technology. From the beginning, the team involved in this project has actively promoted NFT-related projects. In addition, they have worked for companies engaged in developing, applying, and marketing blockchain-based technologies and solutions.

Mutant Musks has caught the attention of the digital gaming world, and many of the top gaming communities by storm. The founders and their team believe that with hard work and consistency they will meet their goals. They are incorporating the best blockchain technology in the gaming world with the help of the Ethereum blockchain.

Thanks to the high quality of their game and NFT art the Mutant Musks team have gained a big following on various social media platforms such as their verified Twitter and Discord.
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